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Originally Posted by JGary321 View Post
First off I'm on my iPhone so I'm making this short and sweet. I see alot of people struggling early game. You know that spot where u see the knights standing guard in front of the tent? You can recruit the horse guys without fighting that battle. Run right pass them to the backside of the tent. They will not follow. They will move a little so wait tip they go back to their starting position. Inch you way down the side of the tent. Click on the tent. It will pop up the window. Buy your guys. Now get ready to run. As soon as you close the window run back behind the tent. If your fast you won't get into battle. Then wait for the guards to move back to their position and then run past them. Obviously save before doing this. I've hard my horse guys for several levels. There are only a few so don't let them die. Get inquisitors in your group so u can red them if they die. Sorry this doesn't look neat, but it's hard to type something this long on he iPhone.
for me it was easier just to lure them out of that area. it takes a bit to master but basically if u r close enough to any group they will follow/chase you. the trick here is to stay in that range while keeping moving (u can get out of range save and go back to luring right after). once u r close to the main castle u can just double back buy what ever u need (can even do 2nd run after leaving the 1st purchased group in the main castle).
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