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You know, as the trailer opened with introducing all these great-looking creatures, for a moment I thought "awesome, that means we can play as a tree-nymph, Orc shaman or a clockwork robot with cards?" Too bad it is not the case, I'd have enjoyed that even more.

Chocobos were a bit too much, IMHO... not too original, unlike the other creatures.

I'm hoping KB2 will use the same engine... meaning, we could mod creatures from this game to KB2. Ah the possibilities...

1C should look into letting people play as monsters. I mean, look at Titan Quest (IMHO the best action RPG since Diablo II) - it's no wonder people made tons of mods (myself included) that lets you play as skeletons, minotaurs, machae, maenads, satyrs, jackalmen, even centaurs or gorgons! Adds a lot of variety to the game. (Humans are boooring, even in pretty armor...) It'd make the game something very unique in the MMO world.

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