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Originally Posted by dazz1971 View Post
cool i cant wait to see some pics do you think this could be done to av8r on 360 ???

also im a bit dense i know its something to do with flightsticks but what is hotas ???
Rewiring of an Aviator just to swap button functions should be fairly easy, and nothing near the mess i will show you in the pics. I have taken an old PC gaming gear from the nineties and completely wired up all buttons and potentiometers to the inputs of a wireless X360 controller.
The stick you have is after all a compatible device, that just need a couple of mods.

After another night of flying (tutorial on realistic with landing) I must say that this game really grows on me ! Its so rewarding to down a few BF109s after a long intense dogfight with spins and near crashes, then head home for a rough but safe landing. Brilliant !

The only bug-issue i came across was a total system hang in the menu just after successfully completing the tutorial. Have had one before already. Any clues ?
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