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Originally Posted by donnerwetter View Post
There is dozens of reasons why they didn't fix all issues or hear to all suggestions.
Regarding issues, some of them are major, and some minor, not all minor issues can be fixed in given time (taking in account that they have to fix major issues first), and even not all major issues can be fixed for this time (sad but true).
As for suggestions, some of them are excellent while others just don't belong to this game (for example, RnR unlike 18WoS has always been about races and competition).
I can assure you that devs read this forums (and many others) and considering all suggestions.

But I guess it is already is much of offtopic -)
You sound like you work for them. Any how I disagree, and I'm sure a vast majority here would too. RnR calls this game a trucking SIMULATION. A simulation for the most part is to imitate life as much as possible. Well... racing for a job, or competition delivery contracts just does not happen anymore. It's not economically sound, and it's unsafe. Companies today deal with warehouse's by reliability, reputation, on-time performance, and cost. They don't call warehouse's and say "hey, the first one here gets the contract". That has not happened since the days my father drove. When I use to drive, I wanted to get to my destination early, because I didn't want to wait for other trucks to unload, before I did. Some jobs do have a time of delivery schedule, but not a race. So, putting in a time-limit is something RnR did OK with.

We're not off-topic here. I created this thread called "Design Flaw", and I believe we are still talking about the "DESIGN" of the game.
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