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But then again, current design is different from what you saying here.
It's like, you are right, but they are right, too. RnR actually have non-competition deliveries - actually, lot of them if you count side quests.
RnR just trying to be a game, and of course RnR posess lots of 'improper' - how shall I put it? - allowances? - such as compressed time or competition deliveries.
RnR tries to entertain its players and have several ways to do it.
You can, if you want, do races and only races. Or you can build up your company. Or you can do all side-quests in the game (no one of them requires you to race or compete) and never visit a warehouse or your office. You can play storyline if you want it. If you don't want it, you can drop it.

TL;DR I am trying to say that RnR doesn't force you to play competition deliveries or races. But why to remove them completely?
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