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But at a certain scale maps which are present in the game may not be the problem. If the map scale of 1:1 and as time went on in the game now shows the game time would look weird.
It just looks weird anyway. HUD on the mile/h Are you going eg 55 miles/h and the alternation of day and night is fast and visually does not match this unit Mile/h. So there still may be the time and flow rate of game time on HUD. (Depending on the speed setting time in the game menu)...

As for the game. If I sat down and began to wonder what the game so badly I would describe the text that so many posts on the forum or not. So you will save work and write a problem for me, the most vital. And that behavior is bad physics trailer. If enhancing the game and be there the same physics, I'd always wanted not to play. For me the biggest problem. If physics corrected, then I can write another draft. Without that, it's no prize for me. So you will save time and nerves. Yet
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