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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
Before you came on this board, a lot of the complaints were addressed by DonnerWetter (RNR Developer).
If you say so.
Also a lot of the complainers here only list complaints, and nothing else. I don't consider them to be very objective people. Many people complain about the game, myself included, but to a large degree we also give some of the good points too. No game is perfect, and no game is all bad.
Most games have less problems than this one has. Lets separate the game concept and implementation. In concept this is the best trucking game yet, but in implementation its on the bottom of the list, only a few crappy lowbudget games are worse. And most games don't came out 6-7 years late. I can't imagine how could the publisher have so much patience. And the developers still didn't came through.
This is one of the reasons why I have always said to "Have many saved game points". This game is very similar to a Role Playing game. I don't play those games without a zillion save points regardless of bugs, glitches, or a mistake I have made, and want to do it over. It only makes sense.
I never used many savegames, I only made separate saves at important turning points in games, so I can go back and try out what happens if I make another choice. And I rarely if ever had any problems. You make many separate saves thats your choice but it wouldn't be neccessary if the game was bug free. Anyway making lots of saves only helps in certain cases, and it wouldn't have helped when I realized after playing for a day that I cannot take new orders in warehouses, because the game said I already had one.
Nobody ever said they were. All that has been said by me, is that they're working on it. There have been some set-backs, but only to hopefully address many of the issues reported.
They sure take their time. I know that this is a problem with small developers when they attempt to deliver too much, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to turn a blind eye.
You obviously haven't read the board enough. There are loads of people that claim this game is nothing, but bad. Some just play only to point out the bad, and not the good. That's just a waste of time, and energy that could be best spent on other things. Yes, I do agree with the statement "If you don't like it, don't play it". What I mean by this is.... If they have played it long enough, and made their postings of dis-approval, then just don't play it anymore, and stop coming here trashing it with the same comments that they have already posted. It's as simple as that.
I'm continuing to play (or at least trying to play) but I'm also close to the point where I'll have had enough.

Originally Posted by veemaxis View Post
Now it's me who totally disagree with you.
I have some games here that I DID PAY for them and which at first I thought they'd be fun and cool and I found out they weren't... What did I do? I stopped playing them and that's all.
I'm happy for you, but I don't live in the mighty us of a, or wherever you are, I don't have the money to throw out the window. the avarage annual income here is about 6000$ yes, annual. And the software prices are just the same, or even more since most publishers and companies like to use the 1$ = 1€ conversion, and we have 25% tax on EVERYTHING. What I'm saying is I don't have the luxury to just throw away the game that I spent 40$ on, and go out and buy another that might be better.
To express our unhappyness with something is quite normal for everyone, but blaming the developers and the game itself all around is, TO ME, trying to find someone to put the guilt on. Of course they have some guilt, they've released it as it is, but you should be REALLY FREAKING AWARE to expect some bugs when you bought it, as well as many other games from bigger developers do come out with bugs sometimes.
I never expect any game to be bug-free, but this one is freakin riddled with bugs and errors, and nut just bugs end errors, for example the weather system in completely inoperable.
Now, try to think a little bit. They've launched a game that IS GREAT thoug it is a bit buggy and they wanna keep selling it. If they leave the game as it is, nobody would recommend it and they'll end up loosing money. I don't work for them, I don't know any of them, but I'm pretty sure they're working on something as well as many other game developers who released a game really expected by the gamers, realized it has bugs and then work to fix them so they can keep selling. Have you ever thought on that?
I just can't in good conscience recommend a game this buggy to anyone. The best I can say to anyone who is planning on buying is to wait at least until the next patch comes out, and we'll see how it works out.
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