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Originally Posted by etotheo View Post
Looks like it's time to complete the tutorials so that I can try this mission on Realistic.

I shoot down 28-34 planes and still fail (on Arcade)...
Originally Posted by mentallydamaged View Post
Wow, I completed the whole game on arcade in 2 days without any trouble at all. I crashed into the ground with the P51D 2 times on the Battle of the bulge missions, due to its ridiculously higher turning radius than the other planes (?), but that was it.

I completed Hornet's Nest on the first try, and can't see why anyone would have trouble with it. Maybe I was just lucky, and this mission is glitchy...

The game was too easy on arcade, but I just wanted to play it through once, to unlock planes and see if any mission is worth replaying on a higher difficulty later.
Passed the hornet's nest on Realistic today

It took 4 attempts and ended up shooting down only six transports and bombed maybe five-six gun's on the ground... way easier on Realistic than Arcade where on one attempt I shot down 38 transports and still failed... go figure.
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