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Originally Posted by V1 cut View Post
Oi, just great art, but in a strange way I love the Hurricane in profile most. In addition I love the FW 190 but I always have and will forever. Just not a big fan of the way the FW-190 fly-ies in the game, HahaHehe.
I still love big round engines, they look great!
Thanks Thank you so much.

EDit : the "FW 190 #5 yellow black diamond" that is my kind of Bird of prey, but 14 is my number I love the look of the plane. Thanks for sharing.
hello V1 cut!

millions thanks for these compliments!!!very kind and always a pleasure to share these screenshots!!
i see u are new here,so welcome my friend and for sure u choose a forum of ww2 planes fanatics,great u are here!!
thx again!

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