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Default Thursday's 16 player game on X-Box.

Well it was hard to believe but Count von Beck managed to host first a 12 player historical 1940 Battle of Britain scenario Sim game in strike followed by two 16 player CTA, one over Manston and one over Scilly.

For posterity, having only managed to play in 3 x 16 player games over 3 years of BOP on the X-Box, I took a photo.

Yep, Thurday 9th March 2012 was a good day to fly in BOP on the X-Box.

I managed to make 2nd on the Luftwaffe side on the BoB game despite flying a Bf-110 with 4 kills, 2 with forward guns (Six Gun in a head on and a Hurricane with a plus 500 yard tail shot) and my Bot gunner nailed the other 2 for me, including Ace von Drewser after he botched an out of ammo ramming action and ended up drinking salt water. I was oblivious to the attack as I was focusing on finishing off a Hurricane that I was long shotting after winging over and diving on it

Our Luftwaffe side flew 4 x Bf-109 E-4 and 2 x Bf-110 C-4 fighters. The RAF put up 3 x Spitfire II and 3 x Hurricane II.

As usual I also accidentally hit a few of my side from as far away as a mile during some of my infamous long range sniping shots, at which the Bf-110 excells. Count von Beck was one victim as at over a mile all fighters are just specs. I also managed to hit Robotic Pope a few times by mistake.... (I thought it was a Hurricane, honest!!)

I did manage to "soften up" a few RAF fighters for my team mates to finish off during the epic battle.

A few Sim virgins managed their first kills, usually Redeven in the other Bf-110, and with so many aircraft in the game finding prey was easy. Initial plans for both Bf-110's to cover each other soon went out of the window in the confusion of the ariel mellee.

The battle drifted backwards and forwards over Dover. The furthest inland it made it was 5 miles north of Dover and the furthest out to sea was over the German destroyers in the English Channel.

Robotic Pope made the most Luftwaffe kills in the 20 minute game. Unfortunately the RAF with US Eagle Squadron and Canadian volunteer pilots won the day.
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