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Originally Posted by gldr327 View Post
Good Afternoon Folks,

My name is Mike Phillips ,I’m the Director and one of the Producers on Fortress. The film was a labor of love that took 4 men 3 years to make. We are the same guys that did the show Dogfights on the history channel (until we got canceled for such historical programing as pawn stars and deadliest road truckers). The film cost us under a $500k to make (regardless of what’s listed on IMDB) and we raised the money ourselves from personal savings and family.

We are aerial enthusiast(hell were aerial wack jobs) and like someone said earlier it’s been 22 years since the last ww2 b-17 movie and if you know anything about the actual Memphis Bell story that movie was a farce.(but Billy Zane did still have hair so that’s a plus)
As much as we love being compared to Red Tails they had $60 million and we had…well…less. All we will claim is most of the events we portrayed in our movie actually happened as we showed them.(including the b-17 doing a loop) We based them on personal interviews we carried out for dogfights, or on official US government after action reports . The scenes on the ground are a combination of personal anecdotes from vets. I’m not saying there is not some typical Hollywood crap in our movie..,There is. let’s face it if we made this movie 100% historically accurate it would be a loooong boring movie where nothing happens, and trying to find a norden bombsite in 2012?

Since we are not a major film company it did take us forever to raise the funds to finish the film and even more time to get it distributed, but Fortress has finally released in the UK, it releases in Germany in May and the rest of the world in June and finally in the US in July.

We welcome everyone’s opinion on our film good or bad we just hope and beg that before you judge us too harshly you take the time to actually watch our final product before passing judgment. (not the unreleased rough cut that was pirated and is missing 20 mins of story and another action scene) We are not claiming Fortress is a work of art,far from it(we are not the first two god father movies or Laurence of Arabia)

We respect everyone’s right to their opinions and love Fortress or hate it we at least got off our butt's and made the best product we could with what resources we had and we do hope that we were able to bring some level of realism that we hope will entertain the majority of you(and no Ben Affleck)

I realize this has been a long post and I thank you all for taking the time to read it and for allowing me the opportunity to post.
Try here as well when gaijin fix the site

You guys made dogfights? I really miss that show now its gone.
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