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Default Noob to the forum! - boosters/flying buddies?

BoP forumers,

New to the forum but relatively familiar with the online scene. I've been achieving unlocks and trophies but I've been having issues with people quitting before the end of matches. Could use some help with the more obscure achievements such as:

comrade-in-arms trophy
He-111-3 unlock (win five strike matches with BF-109 E3 (BTW, I've won 3 of the necessary strike matches so far).
B-17 (not really 'obscure' by any means but I'm still working towards it... I probably have approx. 20+ wins with 'bombers')

There are a few other unlocks I'm shooting for but anyone interested in hopping online please let me know... I have no intentions of quitting when I'm falling behind in a match. Let me know what unlocks, trophies, etc. you're up for and we'll work together. Thanks! PSN: veritas41
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