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excellent news !

the time table with scheduled releases intended for later this year is great, time to dust off the old HOTAS

and with the DCS ww2 project being so slow in making progress, the competition will fuel both teams to create a better product, from which all ww2 flight simmers will benefit. Comparing the current DCS scenery and airplane modeling to CoD, for me the CoD "world" always felt more immersive and real.

if only that darn stutter bug had been resolved before the original CoD release, the game would have been the most successful ww2 flightsim ever created (to this day). It is a smart (but very late) move from 1c to cooperate with Team Fusion who have kept the sim alive, and amazing the TF have been able to negotiate this arrangement.

lets hope the moderators from 1C forums keep the little trolls in check this time, it was extremely damaging to allow the perpetual negative petulant remarks from just a few forum posters to deliberately undermine the sim when it needed community support the most

great job Team Fusion for securing a future for CoD !
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