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Originally Posted by Tree_UK View Post
In the famous words of johnny Rotton, 'ever feel like you've been cheated'!
Actually you seem quite cheerful at what you perceive as a failure of the game.

In fact Tree, with your adoption of the name 'CLOD', you seem to be displaying a real malicious side, gleefully determined to do whatever you can to pull down this game and sabotage its sales.

This is the attitude you have presented from the start on these forums. Completely lacking in constructive criticism.

You seem more determined to 'prove' how right you were from the very start... how this game was one big plot to steal our money, destroy the free world, etc. etc.

Well here's the thing old buddy Tree:

There are many of us who are looking for the positive side of this release.

It is a NEW game, and YES, it has many aspects which recommend it to those in the community who simply want to enjoy flight simming.

Perhaps there are issues with the game, but I would ask: What is the use in destructive attacks?

Instead of applying all your energy to completely negative comments, while ignoring the many innovative aspects, (as for example, icing of the canopy in high alt clouds, complex engine controls, etc. etc.) maybe you should try phrasing your comments to point out issues, without including the destructive, hateful tone.

It come as a surprise to you, but you don't get any 'points' from being the nastiest person on a given forum.

Here's my final comment:

If you hate the game so much, why are you here? Are you going to buy the game? If you aren't, then I would suggest you just leave.

You are wasting your time and ours.

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