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Here is how to edit a save file. Download the KB_DB_Edit application to edit:

It's a little tricky the first few times. First, just use the Scanner on a save file as usual with all boxes checked except for "In-depth decompilation". Then open the file savedata.txt that the Scanner generates, and do a search for some item you haven’t bought during the game (this is the only way I know how to edit something in. I don’t know the mechanics of creating an item for sale at a place that has no items for sale.)

This is a little tricky to do, as the list of the English items are usually not the same in the game as in the code. I have written out by hand, but not typed out what all the item codes actually refer to in English as posted above by The Wealthy Aardvark.

For instance: big_shield is the Large Shield. In most cases, you can probably figure out which item in TWA’s list the item is. To make it quicker, you could just post an item for sale in your game and I’ll tell you what the corresponding code is.

Anyway, unless there’s more than one of what item you’re searching to replace in your game, it’s quite easy to change. Each item is listed in two places in savedata.txt. You want the first time it is listed. Don’t change the second time it’s listed, as I don’t think that does anything.

When you’ve found that first instance, simply replace the item with telescopic_sight, and save the savedata.txt. Then open the KB_DB_EDIT_0.75_eng application, hit the "Compile" button, then select "File Compilation", then Next, select the edited savedata.txt file and save is as "savedata" (as a file without an extension). If you get an unintelligible error, then you typed something wrong (or in the wrong place, but it’s actually pretty hard to corrupt a file).

Next, you must calculate the checksum of the new file, or the game will consider the edited save corrupt and will not load it. So start the KBScanner, select "Calculate CRC" and open the "savedata" file (the one without an extension that you just created with the editor).

The file savecrc will appear in the same folder as your savedata file you just created and the rest of the report you first generated. Now everything is set for the update of the saved game.

Backup the *.sav file you created the Scanner report from. Then, open the *.sav file with WinZip or WinRar and delete the files "savedata" and "savecrc" and replace them with the ones you created via the editor.

That should get you the desired result. If you have any problems, just let me know, like what the name of an object you're looking to change. It’s easy to get lost in the 3000+ pages of a savedata.txt report, especially when there’s more than one of the object you’re trying to change, or if you don't know what the item is that you're trying to change.

Edit: The second time an object is listed will be obviously the wrong place to change the game, as it is listed in one long list with every object that is in your game. You want the first time, as that is the shop/castle it is actually present at.

I've checked all the codes during my testing, and they all worked for me. It might be that the items are named differently if you have a different version of the game/region where you downloaded it. I don't know. I got mine from in the US. If this editing process doesn't work for you, you still might be able to figure out what the telescopic sight's code referent is, but it will involve opening the zip file of your ses.kfs file, and combing through items.txt until you find something that looks like the sight to you. If you find it there, then you have the cheat code name of what you're looking for: Shift+~ item X.

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