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I don't consider CLOD to be "IL-2". CLOD is CLOD. An experiment gone bust. I do love UP3RC4 and is my current preference. It is built on top of 4.10.1. So work that Team Diadalos did is in there as well as the original 46' game. But then you also get a lot more planes, maps, mds...etc. I haven't flown HSFX. I had it on my machine once long time ago and at the time, it didn't seem like the differences were all that much from UP. But MDS/RRR on mission based dogfight server really brought a lot to the game imo. As I understand it, HSFX on top of 4.11.1 doesn't have that. So, I would think the bomber and ground attack game isn't going to be as much fun. Navigation, not as much fun either. Carriers just sitting idle at the same location, not as much fun. Beacons, who needs em if the targets don't move. Many other features that make good game play, lost. But I suppose if your prime concern is certain flight model over others, then HSFX would be your choice, I guess. I suspect I'll be finding out more about it soon. So, don't get bent if you think I'm bashing HSFX. I'm not. I'm just kinda pissed UP is now in "stasis"...whatever that means.
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