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Originally Posted by Nike-it View Post
I can't say that I was disappointed by your post, but in any case using such expressions is strictly prohibited here.
We do understand that the announcement of MMO may be very unexpected, but I'm sure that guys from Katauri will again create fantastic game which will attract even more players.
Ok, fair enough.

I hope you are right, but I doubt it will be a success in the US/Western Europe even if it is a good game. The MMO-market is oversaturated, and you need a big, big name in order to attract the crowds. Either that, or you need to use sleazy micropayment schemes, which are quite unethical in my view and it would be disappointing to see a respectable company go down that route.

Good luck, in any case. I doubt I'll be posting more on this, I'll be back when you announce Space Rangers 3 or King's Bounty 2. Or something else (as long as it's not an MMO).
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