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Default help please, editor.

ello all.

Been playing though the campains and loved them so far, so i decided to make a map me and my brother would like to play.

i'm not very skilled at using the editor but i wanted to give it a try.

i've made the map, set our castles to the elf ones, set deploy zones, set us as "aqua, human, elf" and "green, human, elf" and selected "units available for buying". but after loading up the map we cant seem to deploy men that we buy option is grayed out, need some help in being able to deploy men please.

Also, is thier anyway to be able to give oursevles gold at the beginning of each and every turn?/ get an income per turn from castles/villages etc, such as starter castle grants 100 gold per turn, a villiage may give 40 gold, and a town might give 50, so 190 per turn. (we wanted to start with little cash, but be able to buy men as the turns went on.)

i've uploaded my map to filefront, its 7.7mb (zip file), and the unzipped it 14.9mb.
(hopfully link will work)

thanks for any help! (and your time!)

(its 3:30am here, so going bed shorty, but will check back in morning/afternoon)

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