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Hi guys:

I have a problem/BUG with this version. When I start campaign, in the first russian version, you have to kill a sdkfz (in the beginning) and when u kill him, your troops go to next part of the map. Ok the problem I have is that I kill the Sdkfz and I cant continue. The map doesnt enabled the other parts.

Check first russian map of their campaign. You have just started and a sdkfz come at your positions, you kill him and the map enabled, but............ with this new version, when you kill the sdkfz, you cant continue, the map doesnt enabled.

I can finish this mission in the standart version (1.02), but when I get this patch, and play this single mission (first in rus campaign), I have this problems.

I think it is a bug created by new version.

Greetings guys
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