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Default The future of MOW franchise.

Hello all MOW franchise players and Best Way, DMS developers.

I think the time has come to tell or ask when will be this franchise at level where it should be ?
Since 2006 and Faces of War title which came out that year the highly anticipated changes or features did not occurred. One of those are better AI, current day GFX , optimization and considerable community growth. Even in newest title which is MOW:Assault Squad 2 shows that these particular things only stagnates or grows very negligibly.

For how long further we will get over and over recycled titles under label "Men of War" with no major changes ?
Since Faces of War the newer franchise titles feels only like over-priced DLC`s, charged patches and charged mods.
(Men Of War 2009 was the explanation how should Faces of War look like back in 2006)
More or less exactly like Call of Duty. Loosing amount of playerbase is nothing for CoD branch but what if you have small and limited playerbase like MOW ?
Who will play it then ?

The question is why Best Way and DMS do not work together ?
How about licensing one of the AAA engines today like Unreal engine 3 or 4, Unity or Cryengine and making finally a full fledged title rather doing pathetic "sequels" like recent Red Tide, Vietnam and Condemned Heroes which nobody plays anyway ?

Take a lesson from Tripwire.
"World War II shooter Red Orchestra 2 has done well by developer Tripwire Interactive: within two days of launch, revenue exceeded what its prequel made in five years, and sales have broken all company records"
Why did not they just "updated" the Unreal Engine 2.5 a bit and made new content to it ? Would that make even a sense ? What has Red Orchestra 2 more compared to RO1 gameplay-wise ?

Question for Dmitry Morozov and Chris Kramer.
Morozov what exactly is that MOW PVP version on GEM3 engine ? It will be like Assault squad or some kind of game like that ?
What are the major differences between GEM2, "GEM2.5" and GEM3 ? Any advancements in AI and optimization perhaps ?
We will see Nuclear Union someday ? From videos and screenshots it looks absolutelly like shrunken RTS/TPS version of Stalker/Metro 2033/Fallout...
Instinct did you really withdrew yourself to personal greed and money rather community which supports you and your motto "games are our passion"? It seems so...

For both Morozov and Kramer:
When we will see Best Way and DMS back to action ? When we will see Men of War 2 which should be the real "spiritual successor" of this franchise ?
Call to Arms is not the answer to this thread and either never will be "spiritual successor" what shows even the current funding numbers

Because things must simply go forward with this great franchise.

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