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Time could be wasted elsehow, you got few valid points there but as you probably know, everything is only about $$.
AAA engine does not mean everything, you must have developers which does not see everything with eyes similar to $.$ and want to learn.
Not sure about Best Way and their plans but about DMS and Instinct he probably believes that visual fidelity and quality is everything and it will keep "working" for the future.

License of any AAA engine today costs a lot from budget, the updates to GEM2 are just few grain drops compared to that. Do you really think that DMS or Best Way will license it ? Don`t be naive please.
Best Way have their own GEM3.
GEM3 seems to be a bit more advanced compared to GEM2.5 but in overal they are both obsolete.

In conclusion your thread is only desperate try to change the reality in right meaning, sad but true...
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