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Not to get everyone back off topic but I should at least apologize for how my comment was taken and explain my point. I meant the mental help comment sarcastically and while I do personally feel that considering RnR a simulation of any sort is laughable, I didn't mean that anyone honestly needed mental help. As for trolling, to me, trolling is posting something for the express reason of getting a hostile response. I considered the idea of this game being a simulation pretty far off in left field and I think that is the general consensus of even the unbiased postings here on this forum. I honestly cannot understand anyone seriously making the comment that RnR is a simulation as it fails to meet the definition on a number of points. I think in that light, my comment was more a response than actual trolling but I can see how if the "mental help" comment was taken as hostile instead of a dry humor joke, that someone could take my post as trolling.

Again I apologize to anyone who I seem to have offended. This game has bred many reactions to it, some of which are pretty bad. My own bad opinion of the game is directly related to it's misleading marketing. As such there are a lot of strong opinions about this game and it's important to realize that just because you disagree does not mean that your opinion is the only valid one. I have as much right as anyone to come here and post my opinions, regardless of my motives, so long as I do not break the forum rules. I don't like this game, I have made that clear. I have also made it clear that I would not have bought this game had it not been advertised as a simulation. Like I've said before, if someone like me is doing research into buying this game thinking it's a simulation, I feel it's important that they see it from all sides, including my opinion that this is not a simulation of any sort and if they are looking for a trucking sim, they will more than likely be disappointed with this game. In addition, how is my coming here to voice my negative opinion any different than someone coming here to voice a positive one? Luckily this forum is not like many game developer and publisher websites that routinely delete any threads that cast a negative light on their product so someone looking at this forum can get both the good and the bad. So please continue with the discussion and keep in mind that not everyone with a negative opinion is someone out to start something.

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