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Originally Posted by gaunt1 View Post
I deliberately didnt include that plane in my list. Do-17 is in CoD, so we cant have that plane in official patches. Only mods.

completely agree with you. A Me-410 would be awesome, even without player controlled rear guns.
A flyable Do-217 would be also great in the game, especially if the M1 (K1 with DB603) and the earlier E2/E4 would be included too. Although the K/M variants were better, but personally I like the E much more. It could perform dive bomber missions (E2) too, and the had much heavier forward firing firepower than the K/M, a flexible MG-FF and a fixed MG151/20 (E2) or MG-131 + MG151/20 (E4). There are also much more documentation available for the E2/4, although I dont know if they are still available or not. But I would upload them gladly if somone needs them...
Regarding night fighter variants, (J/N) those wouldnt be useful at all in the game, even if we would have radar systems modeled. They were very very bad planes, pilots hated them. They were probably the worst night fighters of the war, their flight performance was actually worse than the bomber variants! Plus relatively few were built.
Seems like if we had the Do217K-1/K-2 modelled internally it would be no difference to have a M-1... just engine differences.

I wouldn't completely rule out the Do17. The Wellington is also in Cliffs of Dover but it will be in 4.12... that said, the Do17 is fairly limited in use to maps and scenarios we already have. Unless I'm seriously mistaken... they had their heyday in 1940 and were replaced by other bomber types including the Do217 later on. I've done a lot of campaign scenarios now and I don't think I've ever been wanting a Do17 to fill in a gap somewhere.

Really after 1940 the usage would be Finland's 15 aircraft but I'm not sure how extensively those were used. I've read more about the Finland modification to the Ju88 that was used than the Do17.

Interesting about the Do217 and the night fighter being really bad. I didn't know that.
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