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Originally Posted by Blackadder View Post
I have noticed that in his game and the sequel that the AI loves to target thorns, priests, bowmen, inquisitors and archmages over any other troops. Ranged troops will go for them quickly even if other troops are closer and even hand to hand troops will move away from more logical targets and go for them on many occassions.

Is the AI scripted to favour attacking these troops? is there a hard and fast rule to know which of you troops will be hunted the most by the AI?
In all games like HoMM and KB that I've played, I would also prefer to target rangers due to lower HP/def compared to the melee units. This means 1 attack will kill bigger percentage of those, which will decrease faster the overall enemy dmg. Besides, ranged units can hit you on the first round, unlike melee units which not only need more turns to hit you, but also can be slowed, blocked, etc. which will delay their availability to do damage. In this case, if I was writing the AI, I would also usually target for them first

And last, but not least - the kamikaze syndrome - when you are pretty sure you are going to lose the fight, try to make as much losses to your opponent as possible, thus at least your soul will be a little more calmer in the Afterlife
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