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Adding the basic American ordnance options to the P-39N-1, Q-1 and Q-21 would be nice. The US 500lb bomb and drop tank are already available in the game for the earlier P-39s, but not the later models, so that should be an easy fix.

And is it possible to make it default AI behaviour to jettison heavy rocket ordnance (like the R6 rocket packs on Fw 190s) before attacking enemy fighters, like they do with drop tanks? Or if this is not possible, maybe allow the player, as flight leader, to instruct his flight to jettison rockets? Or maybe it could be automatically linked to the "Attack Fighters" command? The current situation where the AI attempt to dogfight fighters with heavy rockets still attached is just silly. If that is the way it has to be it would be nice if they at least fire them on the first pass.
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