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Battle mode Strategy, hints, questions

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Old 10-13-2009, 02:07 PM
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Use the Necro Call mod that lets you use "Last hero" as an undead-resurrecting spell. It's only fair, it was so in Heroes too.

I do, and I find Skellies a great asset. They killed the Giant Spider with three dragon arrows... (and a little help from my vampires and spells).

Also, ranged enemies are guaranteed to molest the skeletons, which is fine since they get only 1/3 damage from them. Thus you save on Level III Necro Call/resurrect...
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Old 09-20-2010, 04:52 AM
ludak021 ludak021 is offline
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Originally Posted by Razorflame View Post
furthermore because skell archers are BONE(they receive LESS damage from ranged atttacks

and since they are undead they are immune to mind spells and have 50% poision resitance) which are great bonusses for an archer!
yes, and when you burn them with dragons or armagedon (or any 3000+ fire dmg), those 1000 skele archers will reduce to 300 in 3 turns by themselves turning them as useful as a pile of dog***t. They are too much hassle for a one 2000-3000dmg shoot. Id rather change them for one cyclops troop with stone skin and some additional armor later, teleported into middle of battle with magic spring on them.

Luckily, AI doesn't use mirror, if it did, those 3000dmg skele archers do would come back as 4000+dmg into their skulls lol I just love when 20 red dragons burn my units, even better if they do critical, then do mirror and timeback on units

PS. AFAIK, you can't use res on undead or demons and necro call raises units from already killed stacks. Meaning, if you loose 1000 skeleton archers and use necro call on that troop you might end up with just regular skeletons...

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