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King's Bounty: Crossworlds The expansion to the award-winning King’s Bounty: Armored Princess.

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Old 11-23-2013, 05:09 AM
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Default Driller: doesnt even have time to break bridge!

yow! I just did driller in 3 turns; so fast he didn't break the bridge at all, never brought in allies and only got one counterstrike in!
ok so I am only playing on hard but still...
I had waited until I was level 45 to take him on hoping to find an ak scroll before I killed him. I like to do my fist ak run as driller, Arnold, demonia, frog and spider. this gives a nice level boost for doing the last 4 islands. but after getting all the nav maps and not getting one ak (I didn't kite just I cleared all the early islands and did all the none hero battles on elon, and cherry pick visited nameless and reha.)
the particulars: this time I was a fighter. I took my usual driller crew of rune mage, paladin, red dragon and archmage (14, 138, 14 and 140 respectively).
my attack is 27 my intelligence is 29 (note for driller I changed out some stuff).
what made this run unique is that I had the jolly roger and was also equipped with lucky belt, lizard boots axe of lightning, archmages staff and dress of the magus. for morale the archmage was high and paladin and rune mage were good. also prayer and blind rage were maxed. in other words my lowest critical strike was the red dragon at 62%; the archmage was at 100 even without fighting trance.
so my always criting archmage was doing 150% damage, plus 20% for each of the staff, axe and jolly roger! to put a number on that, my archmage hit for 9200 and change damage every strike while in trance! in the whole short battle only 3 shots by anyone weren't critical (and one of those was rd fire flood).
I cast 3 spells in all, first round haste on paladin, then ghost blade next two rounds.
it was a weird timing sort of battle; in that in order to maximize my damage spread, I had to do things like wait at certain times so that my paladin could get a shot in before driller backed up.
playing as a fighter can be really easy but a little boring. mage is really a lot more fun!
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