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CoD download, installation and activation threads All discussions about installation, online activation and Steam

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Old 02-02-2012, 11:25 AM
Ataros Ataros is offline
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There is a number of free hardware test/monitoring programs. Try running them to see if something is broken. Check processor and video card clock speed, etc.

If both video and sound are effected than it can be DirectX or .Net issue.

It may be a case that your old PSU is dying or can not handle the new video card.

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Old 02-02-2012, 12:30 PM
SEE SEE is offline
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Its a realtively new PSU (650W 12v/40A supply) but I will check the voltges anyway next time it happens. I don't think it could be anything to do with windows or software code. The monitor fails to display the BIOS messages at boot-up or the OS selection screen to select XP/Win 7 partion - no OS system is actually loaded but no display.

I will return the GFX card just as a matter of elimination. It may be something to do with the GFX BIOS and Nvidea Adapative Power Management but I'm guessing. It seems odd that IL1946 works perfect but CloD is a total mess - that seems to indicate that the GFX card is not adapting to the new GPU loads placed on it unless I drain power from the Mobo by switching the PSU off and restarting all the BIOS routines.

Not to worry, if the problem remains with a replacement GFX card installed I have the perfect excuse to upgrade to a i5 2500K..............

Thanks for all the help and interest guys!
MP ATAG_EvangelusE

AMD A8 5600K Quad Core 3.6 Ghz - Win 7 64 - 8Gb Ram - GTX660ti 2Gb VRAM - FreeTrack - X52 - Asus 23' Monitor.

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