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Old 05-01-2015, 12:04 PM
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Default Stuntman's Cliffs of Dover studio (raw gameplay footage)

Hi chaps! In this thread you will find all my Cliffs of Dover videos, particularly those from the Storm of War server (SoW).

My videos are short films, gameplay, online campaigns and historical dramas. Whether it has a storyline or not, I enjoy making both artistic and action packed videos with an extra, personal touch.

All comments are welcome! All are in 1080p and make sure to enjoy them in fullscreen!

www.youtube.com/channel/UCv11KUCTp_SB7J-VXFV9peQ My YouTube channel
www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL97FBB2BD486C6E9A Playlist of all EAF videos
Trailers & Movies

This is my latest trailer.

Fully recorded in 4K resolution. I hope you will like it.

Make sure to boost your speakers and enjoy the mayhem that is the Battle of Britain!

I made it as a gift to Philstyle and Reddog, who has put so much hard work over a full year into the Storm of War server.

Enjoy chaps!

Raw gameplay footage
Recorded directly from the cockpit in real time.

Most of my gameplay footage comes from SoW events every Thursdays from 18.30 GMT.

This moment will stay with me for some time.

"As I saw this helpless, straggling bomber spiral down towards earth, its fate doomed, I was struck by the horror I was watching. I could not stop thinking about those real men who would have been trapped inside, never to see their loved ones again."

Even in a flight sim, the resemblance to reality can make me quite emotional: the joy to successfully avenge the destruction the bomber brought upon innocent people, mixed with the agonizing thought of those ordinary men no different to me, being trapped alive in a burning cage, plunging down towards their inevitable death.
Caused by my actions.

29th January 2015, my second experience on SoW - a full 75 player event.

A crazy fight - EAF Hurricanes versus human bombers and 109's above us and with both altitude and energy advantage, but we gave them our best! 3 hours of patrolling, intercepting and dogfighting on the Storm of War server, mixed down to 10 minutes.

3rd May 2015, EAF joins 79 Sqn in defending Isle of Wight from air raids. Ground Control reports radar contacts, high altitude combat and bomber interception follows.


"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it"

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