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King`s Bounty: Warriors of the North Next game in the award-winning King’s Bounty series

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Old 06-14-2014, 10:45 AM
knight_9 knight_9 is offline
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Default Need help with some editing

Hi, I'm new here. Please help if you can.
Since dark side is still in beta, I decided to play ice and fire DLC first.
However, I dont want to waste time for waiting mana recover and searching chests.

So these are two things I want to achieve.
1: I want to set restore mana after each fight, and the rage doesn't decrease on map.

I tried to edit logic_hero.lua to achieve that. I can't make it work.

in function change_manarage (event)

if rage > rage_min then
local tmp_rage = max_rage*(rage_sub/100)*(1-Logic.hero_lu_item("sp_rage_map", "count")/100)/k_rage_dif
if tmp_rage < 1 then
tmp_rage = 1
--rage = rage - tmp_rage ( I comment it out)
if rage < 0 then
rage = 0

and for mana part, I changed original to
if new_mana > max_mana then
new_mana = max_mana (just made the mana to max)
Logic.cur_lu_item( "mana", "count", new_mana)
Game.ClearEffect( "mana" )

And also tried to fix these two functions

function decrease_rage () --ftag:action
local rage = Logic.cur_lu_item( "rage", "count" )
if rage > 0 then
--rage = rage - 1
Logic.cur_lu_item( "rage", "count", rage )
Game.ClearEffect( "rage" )

return false

and I copy the code in function restore_mana () to function increase_mana () which should give me what I wanted.

I don't think there is anything else in this file that is needed to edit. however, when I was in game, it still regenerating mana every 10 seconds.
I even tried to change local time_period = 1 which increase the rate to 1 second, nothing works.

What else do I need to edit to achieve what I need?

And for search radius, in param.txt

search_radius {

count represents the effective digging radius.
If I increase count, I can see light pillars from distance; however, the con is that as long as I can see it, I will be able to dig it up.
What I want is that I will be able to see the light pillars from distances, but can only dig them up when I'm nearby. I believe that zerocount is the field for light pillar radius. I tried to increase it. It doesn't work.
Can someone give me a pointer here, thank you.
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