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Men of War: Vietnam A new title in the world-known Men of War real-time tactics game series

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Old 07-24-2012, 05:56 PM
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Default Some things to day (questions, suggestions etc)

1, Could you please make a new patch to fix that the jets cant hold any bombs, after time its getting a little boring to keep using the good ol' service/damage/(explosionname) way to click 'n' splode. Also, the napalm bombs dont work on service/damage/.

2, Add more variations. Us rifleman buttpack, US Rifleman Rucksack (A.L.I.C.E Backpack), etc.. you get the idea.

3, Wounded soldiers would be epic. The Men of War can take 4 shots before they die. Why not 2 shots before they get wounded and end up laying on the ground begging and screaming for the help of their fellow soldiers, mothers (yes, im a sick person ) or the (dont want to start religion war so i leave this part out) god. It would be a nice addition .

4, Okay, i mean, bullet wounds are one of the most realistic and "uglynessofwar" things a game can have.
This is a ESPECIALLY hard part to understand how, the easiest way to do it would be like this:
Every material and terrain can have overlay sprites, wood has a whole with some wood scratches on it, terrain has black bullet holes and can have blood sprites on it, you get the idea. You could add "human" or "soldier" as a "material", so once upon hit, they either "spray" the blood sprite on their surface, aka it would be like when a soldier is hit, it triggers a event that blood goes on a surface, this being either wood or terrain or anything else, and the only thing that doesnt have such a surface is a soldier. It would be epic to see either blood decals on their body or, more realistic, bullet holes on it. I am trying to get something to script to start it, might not be easy though.

5, More room for my most favourite helicopter, the UH1 Huey (Transport and gunship)
1, More variation, i.e:
UH1D Transport: Can carry 16 men,
8 inside (4 on the inner bench and 4 on the pilot seats)
2 men on the left side of the huey (when the door is open) and
2 on the right one, 2 m60 machine side gunners (1 each side) and
2 pilots, and
it would be a epic but not so needed addition if the 4 soldiers (2 on each side) could shoot outside with their m16/m14s.

UH1 Medevac (also known as dustoff):
Can heal nearby soldiers with 80% health or more,
Can carry up to 3 heavily wounded and 3 slighter wounded,
Has 20 bandages in its inventory.

UH1 Supply:
Drops weapons, ammunition and bandages.

US Marines, are just like the us soldiers only with a added flak jacket.
Afro American Prisoner: Same as the normal prisoner only with a darker skin tone.
American Camp soldiers:
Have nothing but a pistol, wear either a tank top or have no top on.
Aka resting soldiers who came back to the base after a long mission.

7, A morale system:
That must be the hardest part i guess.
A soldier has a morale, which makes battles harder to fight.
A generic soldier has 100 morale, and morale drops each time a friendly unit of that soldier dies. If a tank gets blown up, the soldier will lose 5 morale. If a officer dies he will lose 3 morale, and when soldier/ huey gets shot down he will lose 2 morale, if his health drops to -40% or he gets shot/supressed by a mg, he will either end up running out of the battlefield caring about nothing or he will stand up and surrender.

8, Im out of ideas. I know all those are pretty hard to archieve, and the chance that dms or 1c will work on this and do such a patch are by 1:1000 but its great anyways to just let out the feelings once. I love Men of War, and as a "Vietnam freak" who does research about vietnam since the age of 9 i totally love MoW Vietnam as it is not as unrealistic as the rest of the game *points eyes at CoD: Black Ops * i totally enjoy every day im playing, the gem editor must be the very BEST 3d game mission/map editor ever giving me years and continuos days of enjoying, and i TOTALLY recommend all my friends and persons i meet MoW. Best RTS EVER.

Thanks for taking your time reading this,

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