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Mods King's Bounty: Crossworlds Mods

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Old 06-03-2019, 05:58 PM
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Default King's Bounty: In search of a new world.

Hello everyone!
Do not leave, please, the world of King's Bounty is still alive and mods too!
Back in 2014, a this game was released by Ukrainian modders, but unfortunately it was full of bugs, and the authors abandoned it. After 4 years, one of them start work from scratch and is already actively working with the team. (The number of participants working on the new game wrapper has already reached 19 (!) people, however the current team consists of 8 people).
The game is completely reworked with the one that was known in 2014. Let me share some of the features of this game:

- Story
The game tells about the adventures of Bill Gilbert in those times when he was looking for the unknown world of Teana. Thus, this campaign can be considered a "bridge" between the events of King's Bounty: The Legend and King's Bounty: Armored Princess.

- Hero
The player has an additional row of medals, some skills have been redeveloped, and slots have been improved for each of the classes.

- Rage
Instead of the dragon, Favorite Box of Rage is again loved by many! Yes, it is back! But only 15 skills (without skill "Return of Time").

- Game process
At the moment, the game has already created:
1. Created from scratch world with its history, as well as very many dialogues and quests.
2. 21 locations! And this is not even the limit! (The project is ready at about 60%).
3. Completely our arenas.
4. Many quests have one or another variability. Some quests have different options for passing, different endings.
5. Events of quests, as well as other situations can affect the development of the quest, affect the player's army, as well as the attitude of some characters.
6. Now the player needs to be much more careful when exploring locations, as many things keep their secrets, and some objects become clickable.
7. The hero finally expresses his thoughts about a particular situation.
8. Player's skills can influence any of the quest factors, open additional branches in conversations, etc.
9. In the game added exchange of runes, as well as the exchange of germs / eggs / wings for runes and crystals. Therefore, the player has a certain wider choice on pumping his character.
10. Navigation through the locations is done with the help of the ship, the airship and the horse - what was originally in King's Bounty: The Legend. Nostalgic!

- Magic
1. 4 new spells are added to the game that do not belong to any of the well-known schools of magic: Fire Protection, Water Protection, Air Protection, Earth Protection.
2. "The Breath of Hell" spell removed from the game.

- Units
1. The following units have been added to the game:
Water Lord (Uthavin)
Firelord (Tiaiat)
Lord of the Earth (Koehtas)
Air Master (Kethaer)
Priestess of Blood.
The Vikings are now replacing Berserker.
2. Many units have acquired additional skills, such as guardsmen with Hazing skills, and unicorns with the Blinding Horn skill.
3. Added 3 new types of damage - Water, Earth, Air (more on this below).
4. Some units will also meet you, but they will only be in the camp of the enemy. An excellent example is the Black Alchemist unit.
5. Some units have changed their model. For example, Vampires have become Vampires. In fact, this does not affect in any way, but it creates a small illusion of diversity.

- Fighting system
1. The system of elements is introduced into the game. Each battle will take place under the auspices of one of the elements: Fire, Water, Earth or Air. Each of them gives its own bonuses, but also sends its curses. Each round, fireballs, huge boulders or lightning can fall on you and on the enemy. However, this is not the whole list of attacks for elemental elements.
2. Now every battle with a hero will be unusual. Why? Because each battle is accompanied by additional actions that are characteristic of this hero. For example, pirates notably drank before the battle, which is why their battle excitement is much higher, and the chance of a miss remains the same. However, this is the most banal and harmless thing that can occur.
3. A variety of added and the above-mentioned so-called "script artifacts." With each character you can get some artifact as a reward for defeating him, which is a weaker version of the hero’s skill.
4. Tactics mode. This is an improved skill "Tactics", which allows you to distribute positive and negative effects between the player’s units and the enemy’s units before the battle, to place traps and other objects. Skill tactics still allows you to move enemy units across the field.

- A few other interesting innovations:
1. All bosses have acquired an additional passive or even active skill. (Not everyone yet, but they have plans).
2. The game added 2 brand new boss. (Now released)
3. The game has updated AI. The enemy uses much more intelligent their special attacks, and also selects targets. The enemy hero also applies his spells where it is more sensible and more carefully choosing the target.
Enemies destroy some pawns (objects on arena).

- The element of research and the living world
NPCs now respond to events in the game. For example, you killed the well-known killer - they will talk about this in the taverns and discuss this event. At different times of day, various events may occur, and therefore the world will become somewhat more interesting to explore.

Perhaps there is not even the whole list of features, because there are a lot of them!

Some screenshots...

Yes, now the game is in Russian, but we have people who can translate into English. Let it not happen soon enough, but we would like to instill hope in a foreign community that the world of the game is still alive!
But, if you are ready to help us with the translation, we will be happy to help you.
You can write to us on our Discord server (mostly there is a small Russian community, but I personally or someone from my teammates will try to respond to the best of my abilities and knowledge of the English) and you can just chat on any topic:

Our main community is here for now:

We already have a demo version which displays about 40% of the gameplay, but even there there is already non-uploaded content and it is now much and much better. True, in Russian. If you are not afraid of foreign, then the link!

Game installation:
1. Copy the new_world folder to the game_folder / sessions.
2. Copy the data_nw folder to the game_folder / data.
3. Start the game.
4. In the campaign selection window, select "In Search of a New World"
5. Confirm reboot.
6. Play!

Those who played in the demo of this campaign, you must start the game again! We will not be responsible for any bugs found on the old saves.
The game should be installed for King's Bounty: Crossroads of the Worlds (Crossworlds) not lower than version 1.3.1, build 6171.
Compatibility with other mods has not been tested, therefore use at your own risk! We will not be liable for the found bugs with any modifications installed.

You are welkome! We hope you will not pass by and we were able to interest you!
P.S. I apologize for my English, but I hope you could understand me)

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