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Old 06-25-2011, 01:57 PM
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Hi GRAthos & Slechtvalk

Thanks for posting lads.

I had been using a log feature of MSI afterburner to check all the monitoring as I was testing. GPU clocks always running at full clocks, temps ok etc (I always ramp up the vid card fan). Everything appears to have been running as intended according to those logs.

I just think that the xfire support simply does not work too well in this game (at least for my system anyway). I have spent a lot of time, and I mean a LOT (lol) of time testing things out. My final conclusion (correct or not) is that whilst xfire is now active in true full screen, it is by no means used well by the game at all. I am getting very good, stable and consistent FPS again now by going back to Pseudo full screen mode (and thereby only using one of the GPUs on my card).

I had a bit of a hiccup when for some reason the latest 11.6 drivers seemed to cut my FPS by well over a half in pseudo mode (which is part of the reason for me continuing to do so much testing in true full screen mode), but that seems to have cleared up with the latest official patch. I have no idea why as there seems to have been no work done in that regards as listed in the patch notes, but there you have it.

The game in pseudo mode absolutely screams along and I am finally just enjoying flying again now. The only drawback, of course, is the screen tearing with Track IR (due to no v-sync), but it is not so bad as to ruin the experience. To be fair, the tearing is much less noticeable on my system than it was in IL2-1946 without v-sync...and I simply don't notice it anymore... especially once I get into a furball anyway.

The only advice I can give to anyone reading this with ATI cards (especially a dual GPU card) is to stick with Pseudo mode, disable aero, do the delete shaders thing and most importantly, get rid of that damn ubi logo which does most of the harm. Nothing here that has not already been posted many times all over this forum. Then play around with the ingame settings and find a balance between eye candy and smooth playability. I am running things with original textures and a mixture of high/medium settings elsewhere...FPS of 40+ over land and around 70-80 over water for the most part...so i am happy (although I am quite sure flying over London will be a big no - lol).

To be fair to Luthier, he did advise that people with ATI cards should stick with Peudo mode if having FPS problems.


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