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Old 01-03-2014, 02:13 AM
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Lightbulb Prison Transports in SW3CW Theory. [Pics]

Okay a crazy Idea come to me the other day with the knowledge growing of the Fleet Mod, by Nanaki, I believe.

Modifying one of the Random Contacts for each faction into a Prison Transport.
Using the interface of the trader where they ask you for $5K and changing it to the Patrol Station script, where they transfer escape pods for Cash.

As with all prison transports they would need to spawn in a friendly systems.
and like the traders but offering to take the escape pods off of your mothership.

How far I have gotten.

I am still Juvenile with the Fleet mod script and haven't noticed any fleet floating through space yet. How will I know?

I have modified the Randomcontacts.script
To have a section for PATRL_PRISON,
Still -- out so far, until I get an understanding of the Createflight2.script.

Also need to import the Ships into SW3CW with the INI and the Carcasses.xml
SW2 Retrospection ships are already in the appropriate folders to be able to integrate them into SW3CW.

So changing the textures of the ships seemed the smartest first path.

CTRL, + & CTRL, -

Attempted texture alteration from Patrol texture into Other races textures for SW3CW to use as PRISON Transports for each Faction.

The idea of random Contacts as prison transports come to me the other day and I wanted to flesh it out to see if I could produce Prison transports for each faction using the Turtle.

I am also modifying the scripts out of the fleet mod to have the prison Transport show up randomly, but it is slow work till I get to grips with understanding the Fleet Mod.

So to the graphical work I went and pondered about how they diversify the stone arrows for each faction, And how I was going to transfer that trough to the Turtle, since they use the similar texture setup.

Turtle from what I understand Comes out of the Star Wolves 2 Retrospection Mod.

I think I need to learn how to alter the texture for each faction.
Any knowledge on how to alter the faction textures in SW3CW Using IMD editor would be appreciated?

Results were slightly confusing:

These would make splendid prison Transports for the SW3CW Fleet mod, style of gameplay.

Any tips of how to make the Turtle Faction based would be helpful as my IMD editor Knowledge is dismal at best.

My final goal would be to incorporate the Retrospection Mod into SW3CW with temporal portals leading to new systems.

A long way from there yet.

GoblinWizard had attempted an English Conversion of SW2 Retrospection, but that is unavailable at this point in time.

So there is the idea.

Got any tips?
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Old 01-04-2014, 11:12 PM
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Default Random is only a lil Random

So I got the fleets mod to work as such.

In the locations activate.script

So in Create_flight_2.script

I am suggesting something like this.

local f_name = currentContact[1];


--function _Random_Incursion()
-- local x = getn(S_name);
-- Rnd_speak=RAND(x)+1;

-- local f_name = _Random_Incursion();

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Old 01-06-2014, 09:32 AM
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Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 32
Thumbs up Name trouble?

Cant get the ???_Prison in as it doesn't recognize it as a word/string and recognizes it as NIL. in GetGroup. So looking through the code it refers to Group in teh array which in my thinking is the label of the new type of flight.

So the ones that aren't already listed may not go in.
I will have to look further into this for now.

Or at least that is what the console is reporting to me.

Integrated the Stone Turtle through Pat_PrisShips in
.....\star wolves 3 civil war\Data\Scripts\include\Create_flight_2.script

Random cintact work seemed fine also.
No buds there.

But I have an idea of adding a 4th else if into Create_flight_2.script
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