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Men of War: Vietnam A new title in the world-known Men of War real-time tactics game series

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Old 11-04-2011, 11:32 PM
Aardman55 Aardman55 is offline
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Lightbulb More Realism in MoW Vietnam!

Well its pretty fun but it didnt got that real war or vietnam feeling.
Can someone somehow make a realism mod like when soldiers get hit by bombs they have a 50% chance to lose a leg or arm and also when soldiers get hit by bullets theres a 80% chance that they have wounds.
There is a gulf war modification for men of war that has corpses with bullet holes. It gives me that feeling, that....that....WAR feeling. I mean whats war without bullet holes or limb loss.
Im saying the only part that is realistic and that i really like is the burned corpses. It is very fun but with those additions it would be even more fun.
What do you think?
And this one is optional but would be cool too:


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Old 11-06-2011, 06:37 PM
Aardman55 Aardman55 is offline
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Originally Posted by Aardman55 View Post
What do you think?
'nuff said.
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Old 11-27-2011, 08:38 PM
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Lancer Lancer is offline
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Thumbs up

Totally agree. However, there is a mod by CTS for MOW and MOWAS that also works in Nam. You need to head over to the Mod section. The Total War series is ruined for me by this anomaly no matter how clever it is in other areas, cannon balls leaving skid marks etc. Some countries are very prissy about blood and gore in games, Germany and Australia come to mind so the devs have to consider marketing in these countries but to my sensibilities, blood/gore merely enhances an already great game. I mean we are only watching pixels after all.

Also, many thanks to the devs of this game for listening to the customers who wanted to be able to add mods etc. Also many thanks for not dumbing the games down too much as they have become more popular.

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Old 12-12-2011, 09:53 PM
MACV HQ MACV HQ is offline
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The game is great, the reason why there is no realism is because it lacks the real challanges of the Vietnam War, let's say you take a squad battle that took place in the war and applyed it to the aspects of the game with all of the order of battle for both sides as far for soldiers to TO&E Table of Oganized equipment per unit with weapons and support, and the original battle maps with all the terrian features you may feel the challange and realism, if you do an ambush do on a night mission with little to no light on the battle field I have noticed they do have a envermental setting that has low to no lighting which is good. Our group have resarched the history of the Vietnam War for almost 15 years, and some of our members are Vietnam war vets, and vietnamese people who live to see the war unfold infront of there eyes as teen's. In this game the odds are the same, but we know odds were not the same. The developer has given the users the GEM Editor, which will allow those who are in to the Vietnam War the chance to change the game play for realism, we are working on Operation masher.
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Old 02-29-2012, 06:09 PM
Aardman55 Aardman55 is offline
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Lightbulb Idea

So, after a LONG time playing this, this CLEARLY atleast needs wound (i would like gore too).
So heres the idea:
I've been modding around a bit, and now i got the idea of using the "burning system".
Like, if the unit, lets say "NVA_Rifle" gets hit by the flamethrower, it starts burning, while a script loads the file "NVA_Rifle_Burned.dds", which means it loads the skin of the rifleman being burned.
And so, you could also use it for wounds, like you use the same script, say its like (SCRIPTING IS MUUUCH HARDER THAN THIS EX!):
If "ent_NVA_Rifle" get hit by "ent_m16" then
replace "tex_NVA_Rifle" with "tex_NVA_Rifle_Bloody"
And so you do it in the script, and like you copy nva_rifle.dds and edit some wounds in it, then you rename it "tex_NVA_Rifle_Bloody". It will load THIS file and replace the normal texture "tex_NVA_Rifle" with the bloody dead version of it.
I think there is a chance it can work, but it would also need some time, since coding isnt as easy as "If nva rifle gets hit, then please, can you replace it with nva rifle bloody? thanks script, ill script you a cookie" or so on.

So, what do you think?

Also gore and limb loss together with this script would make MOW: V the probably most realistic vietnam war RTS (Together with Vietcong, but since map making is bloody hard in Vietcong, i would LOVE MOW:V.)
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