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Mods King's Bounty: Crossworlds Mods

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Old 12-13-2018, 03:27 PM
jorko80 jorko80 is offline
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Glad to hear, that you will make an update to your campaign Raknefne! About Red Sands, I play it only with a mod,which cuts all the easy stuff and it is ultra hard . Regrettably it is all in russian, I even think that the english version of Red Sands is 1.6 and the russian is 1.8 and it includes leveling for the creatures which is quite nice.
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Old 01-04-2019, 09:41 AM
raknefne raknefne is offline
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Default Version 1.1 is ready soon

The new version 1.1 has been uploaded. Only small changes, some bugs and adjustments to a few creatures.

Trent version 1.1 – changes:

- Crash fixed when hiring troops at church after completing quest (Jerneland).
- All other buildings checked for similar crash situations.
- Alchemist’s Holy Bomb no longer burns (!)
- Leisner the Superfly hero on Sprudne: Only +20% fire damage and not 40% (text said 20%)
- The paladin Hero can now learn Higher Magic in the skill tree.
- The Warrior Hero can now learn Ressurection in the skill tree.
- The payment upon death greatly reduced on Hard and Impossible.
- Some experience altars in midgame has an increased exp now or has been removed.
- A few treasures have a higher chance of getting items in some caves, especially Sturn Cellar at Lower Trent.
- Item upgrade fights: Lowered with 30-35% in strength.
- Living Bow: Removed the talk (error in chat).

Creature changes for v1.1:

Inkvisitor: Only 1 charge for RAGE (was 2 in Trent1, 3 in vanilla). Ressurretion 15% less. 6-8 damage (was 5-7)
Priest: Heal 20 hitpoints (was 15 in Trent1, 10 in vanilla)
Paladin: Ressurection removed! Instead 2 charges of healing
Knight: Run 1 charge with 2 moves (was 1 move in Trent 1, no RUN in vanilla). 35 Physical resist (was 30). Roundattack 18-25 dmg (was 15-20)
Maurauder and Robbers: Morale penalty only to peasants and bowmen now (was level 1-2)
Black/Reddragon: Normal price and leadership (was lowered in Trent1)
Alchemist: Holy potions no longer burns (bug in Trent1). More potions – now 3 Fire and 3 Holy potions. A little more damage for potions and Acid Spray. Crit up to 14 from 10.

Spell changes for v1.1:

Turn Back Time: 60.000 (was 50.000). Increased manaprice: 30-35-40 (was 30-30-30)
Magic Shackles: Leadership requirements much much better - was 100% in code, now 150-300-10000% and still for level 3-4-4
Phantom: 15000 gold (was 6000). Costs 16-22-28 Mana (was 15-20-25). Crystals more expensive
Call of Nature: Cheaper, 10-20-30 Mana (was 20-30-40)
Berserker: Now 2-3-4 Mana (was 2-4-7). Cheaper to learn.
Fear: Costs a little more Crystals to learn.

Known bugs, but NOT changed, I don’t have the time (too few people play and only minor bugs):

- Talking to Count Bob on Jerneland after all quest is done can lead to a crash. Just don’t talk…
- A chest on Krasen map can give error message. No big deal imo (no crash).
- Upper Trent: after killing the frog boss: a player mentioned some conversations that sounded like the quest was done. Could not find out what exactly was wrong (lack of time…)
- Rune Mage: Text for Runic/High Mage is opposite (also in vanilla, I haven't changed).
- Trapper info: txt about summoned in traps that count is wrong (also in vanilla, I couldn't find the place to change it).
- Item "Raven". Should crash according to a player. Have not checked.

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