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Old 05-04-2012, 10:44 PM
onorack onorack is offline
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Default Men of war even more customiziation.

Just imagine,allowing tanks to change guns,and also to have difrent starter equipment.
Example of this is start with infantry squads,and if you play campain you unlock new parts,from each nations campain,and new guns,Also units,and chasis for vehicles,Imagine a m3 halftrack armed with a priest gun instead of the originol
Or,take a tank for example,first one you would unlock on russian side is a MS1 light tank from the winter war,and a 37mm low velocity cannon,say you unlock a mg for it,perhaps the ms1 doesnt have a mg,a new tab would be formed called tank squads,just think,spawn a ms1 squad,you have A ms1 with a meduim velocity 45mm gun and a modernized turret,and a Ms1 with a DP gun

On the german side,the Tiger for example the first turret on it was the panther turret with a 75mm gun,then it advanced.

but,if we could mix parts with other vehicles,imagine a kv1 with a t34 turret and a 45mm 20k and instead of a dt gun it has a 20mm tsnh

Take this for example:If the turret is smaller then the tanks hull is long or wide and the gun is smaller then the turret is tall and wide and is not longer then the tanks hull it will fit on the tanks,however only heavy tanks can fit the kv2 152mm gun,or think of this,normal AT guns that dont have a tank to go on,can be put on tanks if unlocked,and tank guns that cant be on At guns,THERE is a chasis for the AT gun that tank cannons can be put on.
Flak 18 chasis with 128mm jagdtiger gun and jagdtiger with flak 18
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Old 05-05-2012, 03:31 PM
kane1's Avatar
kane1 kane1 is offline
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Next to RTW MoW is one of the most Tweakable games that I've played. Not just being able to create a mod but going into files and tweaking things. There is a member on this forum (KnightFandragon) that has made excellent variants of the KV1, changing the main gun and the mgs.

I'm not a big fan of unlocking things. When I get a game I don't want to earn stuff. I want to be able to use it first thing. That's one of the things I love about the MoW games, if I'm playing as the Russians and I want to use a "King Tiger" I can just put one in.
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Old 05-06-2012, 07:58 PM
KnightFandragon KnightFandragon is offline
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Lol, I have done tons of model swapping in this game...for the most part the model swaps dont come out looking correct. Take the Pershing/T29 model swap I tried, in an attempt to have a T32 in game. The Pershing Turret was hovering like 3 feet above the turret, I still had the numbers, hatches and antenae of the T29 hovering in mid air. THe Mantle was still that of the T29 and was hovering out in front like it shouldt have been. I tried putting a 57mm ZiS2 on the T70? I think it was. The gun looked right but it was just a white checkered barrel..I think I could fix that now, knowing what i know. The KV1 was the only tank that cooperated as it should during all my file editing. TO see my model changes just go into my Forum profile and view the albums +D Most certainly did change the KV quite a bit +D Such a beefy tank wasted carrying a measly F32.....just didnt fly right with me!

As for your original proposal which I think you mean having the game built with the ability to make our tank however we want, kinda like World of Tanks...I am kinda for it, kinda not....Having to grind a game to unlock things just bugs the oh unholy hell out of me. However, it would be neat to see all the different combinations people could come up with....if only it was a default feature. Men of War is built more for realism then fantasy though....

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