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Ghost of Moscow: Death to Spies Upcoming stealth-action for PC and Xbox360

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Old 05-20-2017, 10:22 AM
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Default Death to Spies 3 Enhancement Addon v0.04

The next version of the Death to Spies 3 Enhancement Addon is finally out! I didn't intend to include a lot more than I wanted to for this version, but there's a lot of new stuff added, courtesy of ComradeReptiloid's AG Rebirth Mod. Here's the changelog:
  • Polished some English texts to remove extra spaces between words.
  • The hotel lobby subtitles in A Mole Among Us now have a Russian translation.
  • The weapon "Hi-Standart HDM" has now been corrected to "High Standard HDM" in the Russian text.
  • The weapon "Walther PPK" is no longer in Cyrillic in the Russian text. This is because firearms that were never produced in the Soviet Union aren't normally given Cyrillic designations.
  • Corrected some names in the Russian language texts.
  • Male American and all female NPCs now make a "Huh?" noise when you walk up close to them without them being aware of you (both variants use Cynic and Maiden vocals, respectively, from The Dark Mod).
  • Created new combat dialogue for American female NPCs (taken from Halo: Reach).
  • SpecStrength is now at the same value for all GermanGestapo body skins.
  • Adjusted the skin remap for Actors "GermanGestapo" and "GermanRedCross".
  • All black SS uniforms have been recolored Feldgrau.
  • Three extra signs can now be found in the fire department (Snake Born).
  • Corrected mistakes in some objective descriptions for Angels in Texas and Omerta in the Russian language texts.
  • Added extra information in some objective descriptions in Omerta and Dogs of War in the English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese language texts (based on what's stated in the Russian texts).
  • The official Spanish name for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba now appears alongside the respective equivalents in the English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese language texts (the Russian text already does this).
  • Proofread the writing on several dynamite boxes in Black Book.
  • Most soldiers in Ghosts of the Past, Snake Born and Black Book now have a chance of talking to themselves.
  • Nurses in Ghosts of the Past and Snake Born now have a chance of talking to themselves.
  • Maids in Omerta now have a chance of talking to themselves.
  • Modified the American female idle talk sounds so they cannot be heard from distant rooms.
  • Proofread the interaction PLACE "DO NOT DISTURB" PLATE in A Mole Among Us.
  • Some vegetable crates in Red Dragon now contain potatoes instead of cucumbers.
  • A JFK speech can now be heard on two radios on the second floor (Omerta).
  • An easter egg can now be found in Marco Cataldo's bedroom - and I'm not talking about the painting he's working on (Omerta).
  • Marco Cataldo now goes to his other balcony before he takes his tablets, to give players a potential sniping opportunity (Omerta).
  • The guard at the entrance to the part of the basement where the generator is located will no longer let you in anymore, regardless of disguise. I adjusted the way he handles the car horn distraction as well (Omerta).
  • Marco Cataldo now considers your presence in the bedroom and his two balconies trespassing in most disguises. He'll still be suspicious of the cook in his bedroom, but he won't tolerate the cook's presence on the balconies (Omerta).
  • Removed an exploit where the waiter can freely enter Cataldo's bedroom while carrying the tray without being searched (Omerta).
  • Adjusted the skins of unused Actor "Frak", for the Omerta revamp in ComradeReptiloid's AG Rebirth Mod. A non-existant "hitman_body1.dds" texture has been removed from Strogov's Frak model, and removed a skin from the nude model (which is the same nude model for Actor "MenCivil").
  • New jobs have been implemented so it's now possible to take the note in Krause's office on Saboteur difficulty (Snake Born).
  • Some of the paintings found throughout the castle now have unused skins (Ghosts of the Past).
  • Added two new spare clothes in Ghosts of the Past - prison guard and prisoner.
  • The prison cell can now be opened, and a waypoint has been added to allow NPCs to come in and out in case of a firefight (Ghosts of the Past).
  • The guard who checks on the prison cell now has the key to it (Ghosts of the Past).
  • Revamped the way moving around the prison in Ghosts of the Past is handled. You can now only approach the cell while dressed as a prison guard, while you can only approach the interrogation room while dressed as a prisoner. Prisoners, however, only have a very straight path, and straying from it will cause the guards to turn hostile.
  • Restored the German prisoner disguise for the Chameleon achievement - it was previously removed in Patch v1.02 to fix the Chameleon bug.
  • Added a new objective in Ghosts of the Past where you have to put the prisoner strapped to the electric chair out of his misery. He is no longer considered a civilian, and you can now give him a lethal injection.
  • Implemented some of ComradeReptiloid's AI and Weapons tweaks, as well as some of his Zones tweaks for most missions.
  • Strogov's running speed while crouched is much slower. His strafing speed while running is also slower (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • In the equipment loadout for most missions, some weapons now have extra magazines you can bring along. Also, some weapons have been removed depending on the mission (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • The doors to the guest rooms on the third floor in A Mole Among Us can no longer be opened with the Master Key. Rewrote the note in the bathroom in Room 12 so it mentions this and other facts (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • In A Mole Among Us, the alarm will now be raised if people catch you stealing any of the guest cards (from AG Rebirth Mod).
  • The cook and club members now have US civilian voices (Red Dragon).
  • The civilian facing the entrance to the storage rooms in the restaurant in Red Dragon is now a guard, and his AI Form has been set to "Guard" (he already has a gun).
  • Replicated ComradeReptiloid's remake of Snake Born, with some slight differences.
  • Some benches on the streets in Snake Born no longer sink into the ground (meaning you can no longer walk over them).
  • Adjusted the skins of the Volkswagen model so all of them have EnvSpecBump Shaders.
  • Added a new Actor, "GermanSoldierNude".
  • Strogov now starts Points on the Radar wearing a green cap instead of a black one.
  • The nurse in You Only Live Twice is now suspicious of you in the adjutant's uniform in both the doctor's office and the infirmary. This is so she no longer considers you trespassing in the doctor's office while wearing this uniform, as she knows the Admiral's assistant is due for a doctor's appointment.
  • The cutscene with Rambaldi in Ghosts of the Past, all cutscenes in A Mole Among Us and almost all cutscenes in Angels in Texas can now be skipped after 5 seconds.
  • The cutscene with Vargas in Angels in Texas can now be skipped after 10 seconds (the exact moment the package entity spawns).
  • The French, Italian and Spanish language options now show their names in their respective languages rather than their English equivalents.

Here's a video to go with it:


v0.045 is now available! Here's the changelog:
  • Implemented more of ComradeReptiloid's AI and Zones tweaks.
  • Fixed a couple of lights in Black Book.
  • Some of the new German uniforms now have the correct Alpha Layers.
  • Corrected some cutscene subtitles.
  • Made several AI dialogue changes.
  • The NPC "GermanSoldier23" now remains seated in his chair when you perform a silent takedown on him (Snake Born).
  • The new objective in Ghosts of the Past and the reworked note in A Mole Among Us now have better Spanish translations.
  • Fixed some NormalMap errors for the standard and nude models of Actors "GusanosCIA" and "Ranger". Also added a new skin for the GusanosCIA models, which you can play around with in the editor.
  • The decals on the new German helmets have been replaced. Textures courtesy of Altered-beast.
  • Fixed a bug where you can use the same poison on both Martin Fichtner and the torture victim (Ghosts of the Past).
  • Adjusted the AI Forms of several soldiers, and added three new ones in Ghosts of the Past.
  • Created a new zone for the castle's basement, and another zone for the area around the manhole (Ghosts of the Past).

And here are the links:



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Old 05-24-2017, 04:05 PM
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Playthrough videos of all missions in v0.04 are now uploaded on YouTube, here's the Playlist:


Each video can also be viewed via the Videos tab in the Alekhine's Gun Community Hub page on Steam.
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Old 01-09-2018, 12:31 PM
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v0.045 is out, and the OP has been updated!
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Old 02-28-2018, 11:24 PM
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The links are no longer available, because the next version is now live! I'll make a new thread very soon.
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