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A Farewell to dragons A Farewell to Dragons is a classic Action/RPG that takes place in the universe based on the fantasy book written by famous Russian writers Sergey Lukyanenko and Nikolay Perumov.

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Old 02-07-2011, 08:43 AM
Reality Reality is offline
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Post Attribute and skill for character

I.attribute: put into most into Str for more damage and wear more weapon (at least 20 point in 5 level) Agi for atk speed ( at least 4 point in 5 level ) and Per to wear more weapon ( reach 20 before lv8 )(Attaker)
Defender:str(at least 15) agi( at least 10) and 5 for Per
Archer: 18 agi, 4 str and 8 per ( at least)
Gunner: very hard 13 agi 10 int 7 Per( about Per u just reach over 40-60 )
Mage : u know what to do
II.Perk: about this i 've some trick but hard to do, save game before u character gain a level for perk, chose these perk first : embodient talent, quick learner.. choose perk bonus Critical damage and damage later)
skill in my opinion Victor can be archer,attacker,defender,gunner and mage
Defender: quick attack, small damage with stun effect ( add skill into Master of hammer and water skill element)
Attaker: slow attack with large damage( 2 hand weapon, fire guard,demon power(fire element),must add earthquake(earth element) when lv23)
Archer: maybe weak and slow for the first time but very powerful after lv 23, add Air element skill)
Gunner: no attack skill,carefully to chose one in three skill for more effective. Passive skill with bonus attack and atk speed for chainsaw , pistol , rifle (Mechanics) HP,element resistance, poison atk for bullet, use grenade (Chemistry) and movement speed ,bonus damage, renegation speed ( Steamer, add for armor must choose)
Mage( Victor): with my opinion, must add fire guard ( 5 point ) demon power ( 5 points) and earthquake( when u stun u still making damage in 40 meter!!!)
2.Ouskiter (not sure hard to remember)
be a attaker
add every point u want because u will replace him by a leader of Bear clan name Raytarr when lv 15 -18
3.Rada: Trg Agi ( reach 90-100 both) and every left point add in too Per when Crit chance near 150 put into Luck ( must have Embodient Talent perk when reach lv9 )add point to bonus damage and crit dam Perk)
4.Telle : Int (20 in 5 level) Per 7 and agi for movement speed ( u can change it if u find a violet boots lv30 with 30 move speed 20 atk speed ... )
skill. 2 or 3 in tear of Eva is enough, put all into Sigma of the Past, when lv 18
replace eva's tears by Eva'Prayer ,inspration skill must reach lv10 disputing cry 5 point , and Touch of Death u just nees 1 point (on ly use to kill the knight or mage boss like Andre..) do not forget eva's time
5.Raytarr: Str( 110,120,150?? how many u want?) and Build ( 100-120 before reach lv 32) few for agi (maybe 35) and Per to wear more weapon
6.Loy: Agi (100 and more ) Per (100 before 30 ) Luck ( 80) don't worry passive skill will help u and str ( just 35 - 50 ) super fast attack (5 hit/sec when i lv 34 and crit damage very very excited!!!!)
must search all the map and save before talk with the blue people have'nt a exclamation point in his head for more EXP and one more time add embodient talent(2 perk point and perk lv up) , quick leaned(lv1 bonus 10%,lv2:12%+12% exp mission reward, lv3:15%+15% Exp mission reward)
for example exp mission reward :2 million + 15%*2000000=2300000
do't worry about money i have 1 million gold when lv30 just doing all mission and few luck u won't need to spend money into Ring or Necklake
for more information exchange with me by my Y!ID : The_crazy_man29
or email: minh.dien@ymail.com
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Old 03-30-2011, 06:47 PM
Razorflame Razorflame is offline
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best is to make victor a gunner or mage(since his HP is low compared to the outskirter

outskirter is prolly the best tank or the cat girl*forgot name)
even raya can be a good tank with ther special
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