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A Farewell to dragons A Farewell to Dragons is a classic Action/RPG that takes place in the universe based on the fantasy book written by famous Russian writers Sergey Lukyanenko and Nikolay Perumov.

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Old 02-21-2010, 10:28 AM
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Default AFTD Walkthrough free preview

Thanks to Gniarf's patch file, I can't complete this walkthrough without it.
Home made walkthrough and some free preview.

Walkthrough and mappack Download Link:

● Babhchi Castle
Babhchi Castle Map

Now I should say that Victor is totally a natual born jinx...while the train pass through babhchi castle, the rail bridge in front of train is now being destroyed.

1. Broken Bridge
The punisher lead by a mage named: Turt is coming. Turt is a Lv10 mage, and punishers are Lv5~7, with a Lv8 water element. Since you have enough exeprience to deal with punishers, this battle just like the last one. Send your tank to hold Turt, others deal punishers and water element. Or you can use hit and run tactic.

Once you beat Turt, Victor will get his fire initiation. But Telle still insist that he should find way to horsk asap.

And Rada would say that there is a settlement of her clan nearby, party can have some rest at there.

2. Wolves Settlement
When you see the settlement, a group of bandits is attacking, help wolf clan if you like(they can handle this fight themself).

2-1. Wolfgan
Alternative Task
He wants you to deal a bandit gang near bridge. After that, you can get reward from him, include a nice yellow Broad Sword (+3 Strr, +10 min phy dmg, +14 max phy dmg, +4 Attack Speed, +15 critical chance)

2-2. Blanche
Alternative Task
Blanche you want to ask you to help her collection of 10 black panther's fangs, and she wanted to use these teeth to make necklaces. It should be noted that the female panther near the town won’t drop quest item, must be those panther around quest site. Once you collected, Blanche will give you a yellow necklace (+3 Str, +7 Agi) as a reward.
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