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Performance threads All discussions about CoD performnce

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Old 01-28-2013, 08:49 PM
monographix monographix is offline
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Question Your help

  • i7-880,
  • HD7870,
  • 8Gb DDR3 1600,
  • Games on SSD.
  • Win7 64.
  • Cats 13.1 / CAP 2 12.11 .
  • 24" 1920x1200.
  • Up-to-date i believe CoD from Steam.
  1. CoD is aliased no matter what FSAA combination of settings i choose. I tried manually setting it from CCC and override the game or profile settings, with no change. 2x, 4x, 8x, either in CCC or in game, no change.
  2. Shimmering everywhere, surprisingly not on water (except two strange white lines on the horizon)
  3. Extreme stutter over land even with medium settings with similar result as to lets say 15 fps (is there an fps counter?)
  4. Annoyingly flickering shadows and trees
  5. No smoothness in general. Choppy in-cockpit animations for example (hands / controls)
  6. I get only the mirror frame, no actual mirror

Is there any chance maybe that despite Steam, my copy CloD isnt updated to the latest patch? (how to check?)

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Old 01-29-2013, 08:22 PM
TonyD TonyD is offline
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Hi monographix

I can offer some advice regarding your queries;

1. Illya stated previously that CloD only supports 2x AA, setting this any higher does not result in any improvement. I have tried a number of combinations in CCC without any success. I use Buchon’s SMAA (search for one of his posts) which works as well (if not better) as others that I have tried (FXAA, SweetFX) without any performance penalty. This is only for AA, it does not have any of the additional post-effects included in the other two mentioned.
2. None of the above routines (including in-game AA) has any effect on the shimmering in the distance. The lines you refer to I have only seen in one portion of the ’Black Death’ track, and appear to be the edges of texture tiles. They are not normally visible in my game.
3. This sounds like a DirectX error – there is a ‘redist’ folder in the CloD installed folder containing a DirectX installation, Dotnet4.0 and Visual C++ (VCRedist) installations. Run the DirectX installation – this will not cause any harm, but you’ll probably find a missing file or two. This should solve the stutters and low fps, if it doesn’t you may need to run the C++ install too. What the hell, you might as well run the Dotnet too.
4. This is a result of the ‘SpeedTree’ routine – incredibly detailed and life-like up close, but prone to the effects mentioned. No way to ‘fix’ this apart from turning them off
5. Same as point 3.
6. Error with the game, no fix was produced. They are now off by default (‘m’ key), I would suggest leaving them off.

Your game will automatically be updated to the latest version available through Steam. You can use the ‘verify game cache’ option to confirm this. You may also want to delete the game cache files (in your ‘Documents’ folder) once you have updated DirectX – the game will automatically rebuild them when run again.

CloD runs very well on my machine, and I’d suggest you will find the minor annoyances (trees, shimmering, etc.) far less annoying when you’ve got it running properly. I found no noticeable improvement when I upgraded my graphics card from an HD6970 (pretty similar to yours) to my current one. I did notice an improvement changing to Win8, but that was due to my cpu’s limitations in Win7 rather than any improvement in the new OS. There’s nothing lacking in your hardware; if the above doesn’t fix the issue you may want to try a fresh install, as it should run way better than you have described.


Edit: I nearly forgot one obvious point you may have missed – delete/rename the ‘logo.wmv’ file in the ‘--\parts\core\GUI’ folder. You will need to do this again if you use Steam to verify the game files as it will re-download it. This can cause AMD cards to run in ‘video’ mode at reduced clocks, which obviously impacts performance. My 7950 runs at 800MHz instead of 880MHz, but my 6970 ran at 500MHz which really hurt performance. You can use a routine like MSI AfterBurner to confirm your GPU’s clock while running the game.
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