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Planet Alcatraz 3D role playing game with isometric projection.

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Old 02-07-2010, 04:06 AM
persoiranian persoiranian is offline
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Originally Posted by str View Post
If I get all 200 in trading , Is it still not possible to buy something from one merchant and sell it to another with higher price ?
as far as i know you cant.
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Old 02-08-2010, 01:46 PM
snoopyxi33 snoopyxi33 is offline
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Please let me know how to get money thru hex editing planet alcatraz save games.

Thanks a lot in advance
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Old 05-05-2010, 11:22 AM
CraigCWB CraigCWB is offline
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One thing nobody mentioned is not to smoke joints, drink anything or use anything that causes the ridiculous animations. They seem to be permanent and not only will your guy look totally silly as he does some gay russian jig non-stop and spams maniacal laughter, he'll drop whatever weapons he is holding onto the ground, even in combat
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Old 05-05-2010, 11:32 AM
Sneaksie Sneaksie is offline
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It's not permanent, he'll sober up after rest. For example, click Rest > Until fully healed.
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Old 05-05-2010, 12:00 PM
CraigCWB CraigCWB is offline
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Originally Posted by Sneaksie View Post
It's not permanent, he'll sober up after rest. For example, click Rest > Until fully healed.
Ah, thank you! I was just debating with myself about whether I wanted to load an old save-game from before my guy started the dancing stuff. I guess now I can just let him sleep it off
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Old 04-10-2011, 07:25 AM
yuana yuana is offline
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Nice thread...good job guys
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Old 05-20-2011, 10:29 PM
vistarnh vistarnh is offline
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I just wanted to add a couple things about the latest version (1.06)

1. the pipe/heavy pipe and scope money trick doesn't work anymore but it is still extremely useful to have 150 in trading since you can basically "rent" equipment. and money by this point should be rolling in just from selling guns/armor from map quests.

2. The grenade trick doesn't work so well anymore, you'll usually just get a game over if you throw a grenade to close to a guard/overseer, even if you are stealthed. However, I was able to get 6 Kain MG's from the cannibal village by using molotov cocktails _near_ the guards and lighting them on fire. It takes about 5-6 for each guard and I'd highly advise saving before starting the toss and in between each grenade as sometimes they will go hostile or you'll get a game over. The trick is to throw them far enough away to avoid this but still catch them in the fire DOT. I also hit the stealth button immediately after each throw, not sure if you have to do this but I did. the guns are 9mm and awesome but require a 7 str, so either use liftjack for your other 2 guys or sell them for over 600K each.

I also used this method to get the Achtungs from the 4 guys at the cannibal entrance map, they are actually a little easier and can sometimes be killed with a grenade launcher. The guns are uber but aren't as useful with an 8 str requirement and limited ammo but with trade at 150 they sell for 900k which makes a nice way to upgrade your Kains (1 mil each but makes Kain nearly equal to the power of Achtung) and/or increase Sullen and Kruger's str so they can use Kains too (if you just want to mow everything down).

3. Other than coaches another easy way to get a few extra skill points after 100 (since it's a 2/1 ratio after 100) is to let your guy get critical damage or wear something that lowers stats before spending points. If you have a 100 in something and it goes down to 92 after a crit, spend 8 points to get it to 100 then heal and it will be at 108 (saving you 8 points). This works with the curiass and stealing. wearing it brings your 100 to 70, spend 30 points while wearing it and then take it off and you'll be at 130, saving you 30 points.

Just fyi, if you enjoy looting and struggling to get that next upgrade or don't like cheating or messing with game balance don't do #2.

Last edited by vistarnh; 05-21-2011 at 04:17 PM.
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Old 04-15-2012, 12:02 AM
bushwhacker2k bushwhacker2k is offline
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Good tips.

Overall I think the game becomes a lot more fun, and interesting, when you finally get your second permanent party member. It allows for much more interesting gameplay, and it helps get through things quicker.

Check your mini-map for small green dots, these represent overseers, who punish you for doing things you aren't supposed to do. They're far too dangerous to tackle early on, so it's advised to avoid getting their attention. Fortunately they don't actively chase you unless they've spotted you in the course of unlawful acts. They attack you if: you have a weapon equipped, you are wearing a robber's mask, you attack someone who didn't attack you first(if the fight is triggered by dialogue it probably won't count) and if you try to steal from someone(pickpocketing/robbing) and are noticed. As long as you pay attention to their location they are pretty easy to avoid.

I often have one party member pickpocket an NPC, while the other 'robs' him, allowing the pickpocketer to take the items for maximum experience gain. Note that only the main character seems to be able to talk to NPCs. One thing I do to speed up my mass thieving runs is to pickpocket all the items I can from an area, store them in nearby chests(in case I get too many items), have my secondary party member sit next to a chest, and talk to the merchant with my main character. Then, as soon as I sell all the excess items I can have my secondary character open the chest, then I fill their inventories with loot and I can immediately sell them to the merchant right next to the main character.

When you get training at a skill coach, it levels the ability for everyone in your party. So, except for skills like repair or trade, which work with the highest value in the party, it's recommended to get more permanent party members before using skill coaches at things like melee combat.

Armor worn on the body(meaning not leg or head armor) can significantly slow movement speed, so if you're in an area where you're confident you won't be attacked it might be helpful to temporarily remove it.

You may notice that some corpses' clothes can't be removed, but if you destroy the body (with a grenade, for instance) then all the items stored on the body(which includes clothes) are dropped on the ground. The trick is getting the grenade to land on the body, even though it doesn't let you directly target corpses with grenades. Against enemies like Overseers, who have expensive body armor, this is definitely worth a cheap grenade. Note that grenades landing on or near bodies DO damage equipment, so a high repair skill would be beneficial as well (unfortunately most Overseers wear body armor, which utilizes replaceable plates, rather than something that can be constantly repaired, but it's still profitable). Note: Overseers in the Cannibal Camp and the south-easternmost portion of Northern city cause instant game over if they become hostile.

It's recommended that at least one character have some skill in a long-ranged firearm, flying creatures can hit absurdly hard and aren't easy to deal with otherwise.



By holding down Ctrl you can left click a neutral NPC to attack him/her. If you are targetting an ally it opens the trade window(trade, not barter), allowing you to freely exchange your party members' gear. If you are targetting the ground and holding a grenade then you can choose to throw a grenade to a specific point, instead of targetting an enemy.

By holding down a numpad number key you can target specific parts of an enemy's body(doesn't work on non-humans). This allows the player to selectively target unarmored parts of the body. Critical hits always seem to disarm and knock the enemy down(if you're close, this allows you to take their weapon to prevent them from using it further!), but the debuff caused by a critical hit appears to change depending on the area targeted. I don't have proof that enemies suffer from this the same way players do (permanent, until healed, stat debuffing injuries) but nevertheless critical hits are powerful and critical hits to the head can instant kill (even you. save often).

Alt + Left-Click allows you to pickpocket an NPC (there is a button, but hotkeys are faster).

By holding down shift when clicking things to give orders to your party members, you can give multiple orders for them to follow in succession. By doing this you can tell them to loot multiple things, move to specific places in a row, or move to a position then attacking an enemy. I learned this purely by chance but I love hotkeys and how convenient they make things so this is awesome.

R causes the currently selected party member to reload whatever gun they are currently holding. Note that on handmade weapons and flintlock rifles this doesn't work during combat, but, as with any gun, you can click and drag ammo onto the firearm to automatically reload, this happens instantaneously, so there's no reloading action, and it allows constant use of a single handmade gun/flintlock rifle (though you have to pause right after each shot or your character automatically stores the handmade gun/flintlock rifle).



Agreed on stats, both Intelligence and Constitution are the most important (you're epically gimped(permanently weakened) if you skimp in either stat).

Skills are the main way you augment your characters abilities and intelligence directly affects how many skill points you get so it's absolutely vital.

Low constitution causes you to have really, REALLY low health, so you can't skimp and expect to be able to take many hits. Also the upper levels of constitution give some armor(direct damage reduction), which is a great bonus.

Strength is quite important as well, most weapons/armor require 4+ strength. I'd recommend keeping strength at a minimum of 4, otherwise you'll find yourself severely under-armored, and you won't be able to use many guns. From where I am 6 strength is the highest value I've seen required for anything, that's not to say there aren't pieces of equipment with greater requirements though.

Perception is really only useful for snipers, as planetalcatraz mentioned. This is because it, moreso than agility, augments your sight range, which determines how close you have to be to notice enemies, which is, for obvious reasons, important to snipers(note that sniper rifles require fairly high strength as well).

I actually don't have much experience with agility, the most interesting aspect of the stat is how it claims to increase movement speed(something I intend to test in the future). It also boosts many skills and every point gives +4 to melee dodge(in addition to the 2 points that it boosts the melee skill by, which boosts melee dodge as well, so total +6 melee dodge for every agility point).

Charisma is probably the most difficult stat to define, it only seems to augment two things: the trade skill and the attitude sub-stat. As planetalcatraz mentioned, the trade stat is quite nice at level 150 because you can freely buy and sell things without any loss of profit. The attitude sub-stat determines what choices you can successfully choose in conversations, such as picking how much you want to get paid for a mission. It may not seem like much but it adds another dimension to the game which wouldn't be available to people with low attitude. I'm relatively certain that attitude determines your ability to successfully 'rob' someone, which allows you to take their belongings in the same way the thieving skill would with pickpocketing(except you only get a single experience point gain from successfully robbing them, whereas with thieving you get experience from every item stolen, generally depending on value [For best experience gain, rob and pickpocket them, but only take the items when pickpocketing]). If you want to specialize in a character who can get what he wants from conversations then I'd recommend not doing it on the first playthrough, as it detracts from necessary stats which will help you on your first time through.

The stats, from best to worse (approximately), go:

Perception/Agility(depends on character build)



Every few levels your character gains a perk point, to be spent on special traits. The majority of traits gives a hidden +10 bonus, but some other traits are notably more unique (and generally more useful).

Before any perk points are spent, you should save up 2 perk points and buy the Botany perk, which causes your character to gain 3 additional skill points for every subsequent level. I believe the earliest this can be done is level 9.

Some other notable perks include:

Backstab - Causes double-damage if you attack from behind. I haven't tested this perk yet, but it presumably applies only to melee attacks. Extremely nice perk since it only costs one perk point, once you start getting multiple party members this will cause some serious pain.

Black Mark - +10 Critical Hit chance. I don't believe it's a percentage value, but instead I theorize that it's a comparative value check, meaning that if your Critical Hit chance sub-stat is higher than an enemy's Critical Hit avoided sub-stat then you have a higher chance of scoring a critical hit. A critical hit knocks the opponent to the ground and disarms them, it's quite effective.

Happy Ticket - +30 Critical Hit avoided. Definitely useful for 'tank' characters, who are going to be taking the brunt of most of the attacks in the game.

Anti-Pig - +50 Poison resistance. Poison isn't encountered very often but it can be annoying or heavily damaging, depending on the type. Monsters/beasts seem more prone to using poisonous attacks than humans.

Note that Black Mark, Happy Ticket and Anti-Pig are all in the same perk slot, so only one can be chosen.

Surgeon and Cheapjack actually directly add 10 points to a skill, so if you intend to get one or both of these perks, make sure the corresponding skill is over 100 to get the maximum use out of it.



Skills are the main way you augment your character's abilities and overall power.

As was mentioned earlier:

1)Get Intelligence as high as possible. Skills = Overall power. Coaches give 2 times your intelligence stat.
2)Skill increases cost 1 while under 100 and 2 while at 100 or higher. Utilizing drugs or the Night Person trait to temporarily lower your stats below 100 allows you to increase skills for half-price while they're temporarily lowered to levels beneath 100.
3)Don't use skill coaches until your skill is at level 100 or greater (except repair and scouting, which reach maximum usefulness at level 100).

The Melee Combat skill is important, especially at the beginning, because of the lack of non-melee weapons and because the melee stat changes how often you get hit in melee. I'm uncertain of non-melee weapons, but I know for a fact that increasing the melee combat skill boosts your critical hit sub-stat.

The Trade skill is extremely useful to get the most money out of any transaction you enter. Reaches maximum usefulness at 150. At 150 you buy and sell items at the same price. Once you get far enough in the storyline to unlock the south-western portion of Northern(getting a little confusing on the directions now...) city, you will have access to a fellow who wants you to buy boxes of vodka to supply his inn(or pub, or whatever). He warns that a good trade ability is necessary, so if you have 150 trade then this is basically free money, with seemingly no limit. Every time you bring him boxes of vodka a day passes, so the merchants that you purchased the vodka from should have a new supply.

The Thieving skill is arguably among the most useful skills in the game. It's required to pickpocket and pick locks successfully. The greater the value of an item pickpocketed or the more powerful the lock, the more experience you gain from succeeding. I'd recommend focusing heavily on this stat while in the Industrial Zone, because you won't be able to return at your leisure. The more expensive an item, the more difficult it is to steal. Some characters(such as guards) have a higher difficulty on pickpocketing, and some people are impossible to pickpocket altogether(to test: try to pickpocket someone with 0 coins, if you fail then they're immune to pickpocketing). You have to be standing behind someone to pickpocket them. You also need picks to pick locks.

The repair skill reaches maximum usefulness at 100. With the repair skill you can use a Repair kit (by clicking the repair button at the top of the screen) to fully repair an item, which passes some time and uses up 1 of the 50 uses of a repair kit. At maximum trade(150) a repair kit costs 450 and has 50 uses, so each use is worth 9, paying someone to repair an item for you generally costs far far more than this. Good skill for saving money.

Scouting is important to snipers (and anyone who wants to know what to expect in an encounter) because it boosts the sight range sub-stat, it also increases the effectiveness of sneaking. Very useful skill for snipers, I've managed to down an entire camp of enemies with one sniper without ever being attacked. It appears to reach maximum effectiveness at 100.

Non-melee combat skills (Pistols & Shotguns, Heavy Weapons, Imperial Weapons and Throwing Weapons) increase your attack (it narrows the cone that represents your possible attack trajectory, meaning you will hit what you're aiming at more often) and boost your critical hit rate with the corresponding weapons. Note that, unlike melee, there isn't a stat that affects dodging bullets, if your enemy is a good shot, you're nearby and you're stationary then you can consider yourself shot. It's possible to avoid getting shot by running perpendicularly(strafing).

The first aid skill seems to boost the effectiveness of medkits(which I, admittedly, have not yet) and gives a slight critical hit defense boost.



Your character can select two traits at character creation. Most traits just trade some skills for some other skills, lowering one by 10 to boost the other two by 5, for example.

Bull - +1 Constitution, -4 Melee Defense per Agility


Kamikaze - +1 Strength, -4 Melee Defense per Agility

go quite well together if you don't plan on raising Agility above 1.

Night Person is handy because you can just wait and allow the time to pass until it's night, so you operate at maximum efficiency, and because you can raise some skills for half-cost while they're temporarily below 100. During night-time sight-range drops down by a very large margin, so this skill is quite useful for stealth snipers looking for an advantage over their foes.


Originally Posted by vistarnh View Post
I just wanted to add a couple things about the latest version (1.06)

1. the pipe/heavy pipe and scope money trick doesn't work anymore but it is still extremely useful to have 150 in trading since you can basically "rent" equipment. and money by this point should be rolling in just from selling guns/armor from map quests.
It's possible that it just didn't work for you at the time. There seem to be a number of variations of guns that a telescope can be attached to. (speaking from the experience of someone using a character with 150 trade) Weapons bought from a store seem to have 3 price variations, regular, modified and reliability-modified. The regular one is the cheapest and gives no telescope price bonus, the modified version(meaning what appears to be any amount of modifications that don't involve reliability) gives a 15k bonus and the reliability-modified version gives 45k extra from a telescope attachment.

I might just be mistaken and it really has been fixed in patch 1.06, maybe I'm still using an older version and I just don't know.

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