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Old 12-09-2009, 12:59 PM
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Default X-Com series

Just remembered the X-com series and started to play a little of UFO:AI what is a free fanmade game, the game is great but i still want something more, something new, how about You lads ?

After seeing Majesty 2, made with the Gem Engine 3, I realized that 1C could, if it is worthy, make the next generation of X-Com: UFO Defense. I know there are already 3 games of UFO, Aftermath, Aftershock and Afterlight, but this could be, not turn based, but real time. The thing is that a game made like Men of War in X-Com universe could give the real feeling of an earth liberation war with loads of units and with the same micromanagement Men of War has. Of course the single player should have the geoscape like in the UFO series but the creation of the base should be a simple mission map, here you can build manage and see you're troops in real time, even the air units. When you go out to a mission on the geoscape, you select the troops for the mission and on the battlefield you play like in Men of War. Now that Men of War will have skirmish, those missions could be done easier. As for the multiplayer, this one should remain almost the same as in Men of War, only in this case the factions should be the humans (US, Russian, European Army, refering to technology) and aliens (fictional robotic, organic factions).

Found an older post about this:

Originally Posted by szebus View Post
Is it possible that in the future 1C could come out with a game like SHOWW2, FoW or MoW only not playinganymore in WW2 ? I don't mind playing WW2, is is just to see the same game with modern world scenarios. Like a fictional modern war conflict or later even something more Scifi like an Ufo invation or something... Oh and I loved the whole Ufo series, ever wondering how should be one episode of the series made with FoW's engine, or even combining the two games in the meaning of ww2 FoW's engine but Ufo series style and by that i mean only the geoscape and base construction posibility the rest of it (the missions) to be randomised and be played as FoW or something like that.

Let's say you do the Ufo MoW combination, then i gues you could put Helicopters in the game and if you can do this in the future it should sound like UFO:MassWars or something like this, becouse the player have the access to the geoscape , to build bases on it and to recruit troops and armors plus helicopters and go to missios against the aliens with a full arsenal, he can destroi cities and thus he will recieve less money and so on... there are lot's of ideas and hopefuly the game should be a modern recreation of UFO , a far more advanced conception of the games like UFO and MoW.

This is just a tought and a dream for me even if I wish this to become a eality so go on and maybe you will make my game dream a reality
P.S. Is there a game suggestion thread made somewhere, I could not find one.

Edit: Or it could be made as an mmo with a campaign integrated and playable as coop missions with other player. Of course when it's about ideas, tis is the most easier part and I am sure that there are lots @ 1C, thus I would like to dare 1C to create this one .

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