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Performance threads All discussions about CoD performnce

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Old 08-13-2012, 10:18 AM
Stublerone Stublerone is offline
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Originally Posted by NedLynch View Post
Jeez...Stublerone, you don't get it do you?

Skyrim with textures and mods eats up more vram than a current console can handle and the pc version is far superior to the console versions in.....yes....eyecandy, what do you think graphic cards are made for.....right...to handle eyecandy.

Sure my old 470 could handle Crysis2, with texture pack enabled, sounding like a blowdrier next to me.....read the post. Btw, Crysis2, all turned up, uses more vram than any game I tried so far, so your old gtx 285 is getting ram from somewhere else, shared ram.

These two pc versions of console games do not use low visibility distances, they improve upon the console versions.

And did I mention pc exclusives such as Shogun2 and Cliffs of Dover (CoD)?

My point,that you apparently missed, was with the latest beta driver the problem of intermittend stuttering due to v-sync has been confirmed and seemingly fixed by nvidia.

And maybe, just maybe gamers are allowed to enjoy a variety of genres such as strategy (Shogun2), roleplaying (Skyrim) and simulations (CoD), if you don't mind.
I think you do not get it! Skyrim with mod for example (compketely crabked up) uses about 1.2 gb vram
PS3 has 256 gb vram!!! So, the initial game for multiplatform has to deal with that 10 year old amount of crappy ram! Even if skyrim uses more and runs bad on ps3, it is near to it. Sure with better looking stock version, skyrim uses more on pc and more texture packs = more load, but hey boy: It is still below 1.5. So, it is no wonder, that u can play it. Clod uses up to 2.7 gb! This is a little more and as u have a card with insufficient vram, you have to live with your stutters. Some stutters will sure be solved by optimized driver, but you will never have stutterless clod with current facts.

Jeeeze, live with it. Shogun is also JUST a non demanding game and you should have a look over benchmarks. Kepler is still performing bad at shogun 2 after all. Crysis 2 is a demanding game. You should not be able to crank out the game, because it could use up to 3.8 gb vram!!!! So you are right with that but it is not a streaming engine!!!! So it is not comparable in managing to use vram, ram and hdd. Just dumb, that you do not see such things. It has not the same view distance, the game loads totally different, and so on!

Do not compare as kiddies do and read a bit about the techniques.

With eye candy, I just mean new features with dx9, 10, 11 cards. They get new processing units to calculate and us these eye candys. Graphics is far more than just AA, Shaders, blurr and bloom, etc. A graphic card is not only there to produce effects. There are far more interesting things to calculate, which makes the base of the game. No core gamer initially is interested in the best eye candy, but in the base game, its techniques and its competetiveness for gaming it over more than just 4 days. Many games nowadays went away from being a long term game, because they can currently make more money with games, who are supported for just 1 year.

This is casual gaming and I do not need to talk about the whole bunch of fps games with all the same code behind it. Q
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Old 09-01-2012, 06:34 PM
Stoli151 Stoli151 is offline
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I was wondering? Could the resolution one runs the game under also contribute to stutters? If I'm not mistaken a higher res would require higher VRam usage. Maybe this is the cause of some people reporting stutters with a gpu, while others using the same gpu have no issues.
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