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Old 10-29-2020, 07:44 AM
zhoudaohan zhoudaohan is offline
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Originally Posted by Space Knight View Post
Btw, where are the Horde and Vengeful abilities decided? I tried to port Vengeful Gorguls, but those two don't seem to work, and creatures like Graywolf and Viking Warrior already have them. And yes, I looked into their .atom files, but found nothing relevant yet.

Edit: Just found the horde, next is Vengeful. Still trying to get them to work though.

Edit 2: Wow, looks like both of them don't even work in WotN Ice and Fire to begin with. Any fix ideas?

Edit 3: I made Horde work correctly, Vengeful not so much (it doesn't work for Viking Warriors at least, btw).

Edit 4: I managed to correctly port Necro Lizardmen, Dwarves, Snow Elves (with Sorcerer's "Snow Elf" ability as well as Hardening and Snowstorm), Contemplators and Gorgons (with "Master of Snakes"'s exception). How could I port the certain abilities and talents I failed to port? Yotun's Greed and Boldness don't seem to work either (nor can I locate them).

There are many script changes between KBAP and KBWN.

I.Ability "Vengeful": ("Master of Snakes" can also work this way)

Solution a(the way vanilla KBAP took):
You can modify "subturn_modificators" in the .atom file. If you can't find that line, check "barbarian.atom"(vanilla KBAP file) for help.

Solution b(the way KBWN and my mod took):
You can modify "subturns.lua".

If you are making your own mod, then you should first partly rewrite "on_round_start()" script in "arena.lua" and add "on_battle_start_pretactics()" in "addon_arena.lua" from KBWN then port "common_subturn_refresh()" in "subturns.lua" from KBWN.
The purpose is to spawn the atom "subturn_handler" at the beginning of combat which manages all the "subturn_modificators".

II:Yotun's "Greed":
Modify "on_knockout()" in "arena.lua".

III:Yotun's "Boldness":
Check "unit_features_on_krit()" in "addon_arena.lua" from KBWN-ice and fire.
Some additions of scripts which trigger specific abilities when a critical hit is rolled are needed. The related script is "apply_damage()" in "arena.lua".

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Old 10-29-2020, 07:59 AM
zhoudaohan zhoudaohan is offline
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Originally Posted by clim77 View Post
Yes, I understand... but...
maybe with an improved version of "Hypnosys", maybe you can "simulate" a "player vs player" battle?

Modding "Defender of the crown" or "Champion of the arena"?

I'd like to learn how to do, but I think it's too much complicated!
Your work is really super. Really.

PS.I've noticed a bug with Red Dragon vs Gremlin Tower: the base attack sometimes doesn't hit the tower.

PPS. How can I modify the "labels" of the items? Thank you!

When I tried to mod this game first time, I knew nothing about programming.
It's a bit complicated, but not that much. You need the right tools like notepad++ to edit the scripts. A software which can compare different folders and files is also suggested.

As far as I know, it's still impossible to simulate a "player vs player" battle.
Will check the Red Dragon and I don't know what's your "labels" exactly mean.
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Old 10-29-2020, 02:53 PM
Space Knight Space Knight is offline
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Wow, thanks for the in-depth guide! Also, I just finished playing with your mod yesterday, no-loss impossible with Paladin and dragon army (+Runemages and/or Tirex). The game was harder than the original (which is welcome), and the Emerald Green Dragons' Summon Despiser came in really handy in Sheterra especially. I did have to change to just a single stack of Paladins for the last battle though, Baal really kills a lot of dragons and Runemages with his attacks, too many to keep up with the Resurrection.
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