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Old 01-09-2014, 01:32 AM
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Angry Static aircraft spawn problem in multiplay and other aesthetic problems.

Dornier 17 and Dornier 217s do not work as static spawn aircraft.
The Cant 100 and Swordfish can be added to this list
Work around for this if set spawn points are not suitable, is to use the Generic spawn aircraft
from stationary aircraft. Dorniers will spawn from them

Beaufighter mk21 when set to RAAF, displays only RAF camouflage and markings.
This is for both static plane and spawned flyable. Other aircraft set to RAAF, display RAAF markings.

Blue Blenheim MkIV comes only in RAF camouflage and tail insignia, when set to Finnish airforce.

MkI Blenheim also comes with RAF camouflage when set Finnish.

Is there a reason for Spitfires not being able to pick up YG beacons ?
It seems most allied aircraft cannot pick up any YG beacons.

MAP: WestFront44/WFG , Airfield Vogelsang BM16, Aircraft taking off toward the south, explode as if hitting an obstacle.
Airfield BP6 - Offline, aircraft spawn as normal, Online, they spawn several metres above the ground, to fall and explode.

Objects 1617 and 1618 ( radar towers ) have at some point become totally invisible.
This seems to be all radar towers except for one which still appears on maps.

Established Radar towers as they appear in maps and missions.

Italian bomb sights.Shift F1 does not position head for a correct viewing with the sight, the bomb sight doesn't even come into view.

These are the ones I have encountered so far.
This post will be updated as they are discovered.
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