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Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades A new chapter in the Real Warfare realistic real-time strategy games series.

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Old 01-29-2011, 12:41 PM
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Default Russian game preview

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Old 03-09-2011, 12:03 PM
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Here is a quick translation by google:

Projects Kiev studio Unicorn Games have always been interested in a fairly narrow range of players. Back in «XIII Century" and "Alexander Nevsky" at stake was the authenticity and historical accuracy, tactical battle did not give mercy to newcomers, and even connoisseurs Total War series is not immediately were mastered on the battlefield. But "the Teutonic Order" - herald of change. The game has undergone major changes, has become more accessible to ordinary mortals, and developers has never come close to that to say a new word in the strategy genre.
From commander to the governor

Tactical battles become even more beautiful. It will be exciting when a huge army rushes to storm the fortress!

Not always, we will only communicate with the enemy - in some missions, we will help co-religionists.
Already three years ago, serious connoisseurs of strategies seen in the "History Wars" (if the project was still known as «XIII Century"), a serious rival of the famous series Total War. True, the rivalry was defective because of the lack of strategic projects Unicorn Games regime. "The Teutonic Order" is intended to fill this gap - the game has not only the global map, but also many features not peculiar to any one of the games of similar genre.
For example, the distinction between strategic and tactical mode battles finally cleared. At a time when the battle begins, the game is not loads a separate location, and the camera is just approaching to land at a comfortable height for the control units. And after the battle - again soars aloft, and management of power goes on.
Space strategy map is a continuous unbroken world filled with castles, towns, villages and occupying their inhabitants. All events take place in real time, in settlements with might and main hum with life. Comparisons to Total War, Civilization, and even Europa Universalis is irrelevant, most of all, perhaps, it resembles a series of Mount & Blade.
Moving armies on the map will be relatively free. Along the way you can entertain yourself with the pursuit of enemies, burning and looting of villages, towns and castles by storm. We will look at the world through the eyes of a knight-komtur - one of many in this world. Others, under the control of AI, will live their lives, pursue their own goals, occasionally intersecting with our hero in the match or, conversely, the divergence of interests.
Life on the strategic canvas

User friendly interface - guarantee of victory! The screen is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons, and the mini-map will help orient
in the general environment.
In addition to earning money and grow your alter ego is take care and upbringing of their own army. Each of the units will be unique, and the resulting experience can be directed to the development of certain features. And often have to choose what exactly the result we want to achieve. From simple swords, for instance, can raise the fleet-footed horse militia or as infantry sergeants. In the presence of adequate numbers of skills and resources, of course.
In addition to the player himself and his subordinates on the map will also move:
Civilians - usually just travel between settlements, the easiest prey for robbery.
Military / police / militia - a small group of soldiers hunting for the robbers and military detachments of the enemy, avoid bigger armies themselves.
Army factions - Cluster of the strongest forces of the country gathered to defend their lands or to attack enemy's possession.
Traders - the most tasty morsel for a burglar, but may have a strong guard.
Rogues - looking weaker prey themselves, avoiding the more powerful opponents.
Knights errant - characters with their history and the army. In all like a player, but controlled by computer. Just fight them most interesting. Each of the knights has advanced intelligence and knows how to make strategic decisions. For example, a group of Lords could unite and besiege an enemy stronghold. Quite independently, without direct participation of the player and not even to entertain it. This world lives its own life, as in "vangera" or "Space Rangers"

The game has kind of dia-
tax system. Talk to here have often.

Attack and defense of the castle - these regimes have much to revive the network game.
In addition to the active characters on the map, there are static objects: towns, villages, castles, camps mercenaries. With all these facilities may be keen to collaborate - to trade and communicate with residents, to win.
An important role is given to the landscape - on the map will be present rivers, forests, hills and plains. All this will be to actively influence the course of the battle - it is clear that the cavalry of little use in the woods, and archer is better to place higher. We can arrive just in time yourself time to attack the enemy with the maximum benefit for themselves.
Own battles based on the same gameplay mechanics, as in previous games. Of course, once again improved and modified file.
Army generals and

In connection with the appearance of storms has been added to siege machines. We are waiting for propelling machines of all types - fixed, mobile, heavy and light, with different rate of fire, accuracy and damage. They can be used not only for legitimate purposes, but also against enemy personnel, providing additional benefits currently in the battle. In addition, the game adds battering rams to destroy the castle gates and siege towers and ladders to overcome the wall without destroying it.
Sturm Pledges multistage - if we could wrest any section of the wall, winning blow a bit early. Ahead may find yet another gate and a second layer of fortification. Just as in life.

In his castle you can always join the army of mercenaries, or to trade.

Comtur Castle Thorn makes a circumvention of their possessions.

Castle Thorn - our home and principal residence throughout the game.
Game scenario

Single player campaign will consist of a series of sequential story missions, carried out on the strategic map. We have to face the bandits, take up defensive borders, the siege and capture of fortresses and cities, as well as participate in large-scale military operations with allied forces of the Teutonic Knights and other European countries.

Menacing march Teutonic army. The presence of siege weapons talks about approaching the decisive battles.

Possession of the city near the enemy border profitable quickly under-
mounts, but to defend it in case of threat will be difficult.
The campaign consists of twenty six missions, nearly every one ends with a battle or storm. The very passage of the campaign should take no more than two hours. Each successive mission adds new kinds of troops and increased the army, gradually teaching management, first with small armies, but in the end - a couple-three thousand soldiers.
The plot is built around the conquest of the Teutonic Order of Prussia and events associated with this period of history. Since the main character in this Order completely himself is, he will take a direct part in many battles. As we move forward we are faced with the forces of the Prussians, Lithuanians, Rusich, Mongols, and even of European chivalry.
Note: after the end of the campaign provides an opportunity to play again - in a "sandbox" with total freedom of action.
Multiplayer mode will replenish the assault and defense of the fortress, with different variations and the number of players. Provision of battle 1 on 1, 2, 2 and 3 on 3, as well as unequal versions of all kinds - such as two to one, three against two, etc.
As for the strategic mode, the game on the network it will still not available. The developers promise to add this capability to the next part of the series.

Strategic mode of the series "History Wars" was necessary as air. Will the ambitious developers to adequately perform in the same league with a series of Total War - will know by the end of this year.
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