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Old 11-26-2013, 01:41 AM
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Default IL-2 1916 WWI Pack for HSFX 7.1 (version 1.0)

Hello everyone!

Well people, long ago, i created some packages MODS, to facilitate the use of them, and to create some compatibility toward the use of this package online.
I believe that many here would like to see these planes available for the flight online, right?
I do not have any credit for assembling the package, just like to see these beautiful works on servers online!

Well, let the contents of the package.

Alby III


External 3D by OAW~Magpie and Lisek
Cockpit 3D by Lisek
Superb Default Textures by vpmedia
Template by Phas3e
Java wise coding by SAS~Anto and Loku
Flight Model by SAS~Anto
Pilot skin by max_thehitman
3D help and answering stupid questions by Loku

Fokker DR-1


External 3D model by SAS~CsoCso, upgrades by Lisek
Cockpit 3D model based on 101tfs parts, upgrades by Lisek
Default Textures by max_thehitman
Cockpit Textures by vpmedia
Skins by max_thehitman and vpmedia
Sounds by alotef
Slot by SAS~Sani
All the rest of wise java coding & FM by SAS~Anto

Sopwith Camel

3D by David Eckert (imported by SAS~Sani)
Default Texture by John Terrell
Java by SAS~Sani and SAS~Anto
Flight Model by SAS~Sani
3D fixes by Lisek
Pilot skin by max_thehitman
Le Prieur Rockets by S3, Beowolff and Verhangis (skin)

Sopwith Snipe


Java by SAS~Anto
Flight Model by SAS~Anto
Skins by MURD0C
3D by 101tfs

Fokker D-VI

An Original Idea, New Textures and Skins by Archie
Java and Slot editing and Additional meshes: Dreamk

This plane is based on the Fokker Dr1 by the AMT team:
SAS~CsoCso, Lisek, 101tfs, max_thehitman , vpmedia, alotef, SAS~Sani and SAS~Anto



Original External 3D: OAW~Magpie and Lisek
Original Cockpit 3D: Lisek
Original Java: SAS~Anto and Loku
Original Skin Template: Phas3e

Exterior DVa 3d: SAS~Friction
Modified DVa Cockpit 3d: SAS~Friction
Modified DVa Cockpit Texture: VPMedia
DVa Java: SAS~Friction
New Default Skin And Template: Max_TheHitman
DVa FM: SAS~Friction



-model imported by 101tfs
-java slot (Based on SAS~Skipper 's Z_U_SYP) by crazyflak (+gear clips adjusted as better as possible -thank you Lisek for your input on these)
-cockpit textures repainted by vpmedia
-skins by MURD0C
-FM stand-in, it uses Camel FM.

Spad VII

Nieuport 17-21-23

Fokker D-VIII



AutoDiff FM for HSFX 7.0.1 expert-normal mode
Mod Activator for 4.12.2m

Credits: ton414

is very simple to install, extract the file inside the folder jsgmemods

open the JSGME.exe and...

Special thanks to SAS and HSFX Team

note: those who have no credits, i really do not know who made them.

Link to download this pack: IL-2 1916 WWI Version 1.0
Since the First World War until the Korean War

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