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Old 08-15-2010, 06:19 PM
cursor cursor is offline
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Why are the resistancce hostile to you? Arent they neutral or something like that? I just get that "you can't land here, go away" warning if i approach their stations but thats it. But i didn't kill anyone in that system actually i hadn't even visited it before the mission sent me there. Hope u got an earlier save it might just be a script bug
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Old 12-04-2011, 02:26 PM
Scott the Snow Scott the Snow is offline
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Ok so I went a little kill happy...and started killing MSF the patrol and all the traders I could find. I later went to the fixer in Elio and Prien, but I dont see an option to fix my rep with the patrol (which are harmless) or a few of the traders. The traders are what is causing the most problem, they call for help with the MSF which causes their rep to be hostile.

Any way to reset all the traders, a console command? Where would the faction list be in the mod files? I might just add fixing additional reps available with the fixers. It seems they are incomplete.

Edit: Ok I found patrol. I looked at the script that ran with one of the mission fixes and found this:

SetGroupRelation("KfniGroup_1", PLAYER_GROUP, RELATION_NEUTRAL);
SetGroupRelation(PLAYER_GROUP, "KfniGroup_1", RELATION_NEUTRAL);
-- Ïàòðóëü
SetInitTeamRelation("Patrol", PLAYER_TEAM, RELATION_NEUTRAL);
SetInitTeamRelation(PLAYER_TEAM, "Patrol", RELATION_NEUTRAL);
-- Ïèðàòû
SetInitTeamRelation("Pirates", PLAYER_TEAM, RELATION_WAR);
SetInitTeamRelation(PLAYER_TEAM, "Pirates", RELATION_WAR);
SetGroupRelation("PiratesGroup_1", PLAYER_GROUP, RELATION_WAR);
SetGroupRelation(PLAYER_GROUP, "PiratesGroup_1", RELATION_WAR);

This sets patrol back and its easy to just attach it to some script that I can trigger, but I cant find the complete list of factions yet. So I cant set the mercs or those rare traders back.

Edit: found a complete table, but I had to reset all merc groups to neutral to fix problem. It was a little too strong handed for my comfort.

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