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King's Bounty Famous series of Fantasy Real-time RPG with turn-based battles.

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Old 06-22-2010, 08:59 PM
clinek clinek is offline
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Default Problems, compliments, and general discussion for kb

im not sure if the game designers read this forum but im starting this thread for all of us to comment on some things to change and not to change for future KB games. Please avoid digressing and beating around the bush when you post. Put down your ideas and hopefully our wishes will be heard. Ill start

1. I think the spell necro call shoud ressurect your dead, undead units (that sounded weird)

2. The mod that was created by PCBUN that gave individual level to the units was a great idea. It makes the game much more fun and allows for greater interest in trying to level each individual unit as opposed to keeping the same units for every new game created. some units may be terrible at first, but may be really useful by taking the time to level them. Plus it makes more sense that if you use the same type of units consistenly, the units would further thier skill.

3. the tolerance ability from KB:TL was taken out, put it back in only this time include tolerance for lizards as well so that it can go up to level 3

4. since two games were made, i think its time to up the level of units to 6. As ive said in previous threads, HOMM had crystal, azure, fairee, and rust dragons. make them cost a lot of leadership and possibly a couple of runes/ crystals

5. angels would be cool to have as a level 5 human.

6. I didn't like how small the islands were in KB:AP. TL had a better system in my opinion. Whats the deal with finding maps? It seems to be all over the place as opposed to TL where you had a set storyline.

The KB series as a whole is awesome as hell so i really hope that they dont completely remake the game but a few changes such as the ones i posted above would be great. Please feel free to comment and add suggestions

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Old 06-22-2010, 09:47 PM
Heroe Heroe is offline
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Both games were amazing, in fact they are my favourite games now.And i found this game accidentaly, cheaply at gog.
I wont write specific complaints and how to fix them.You devs know how to do what you can.
At first glance i didnt liked the game graphics.

1. Maybe its time to drop cheerful game graphics a bit? make it more adult friendly.The game is hard enough to satify adults.

2. Music in "the legend" was great, in Armored princess its feels cheezy.Make it more adult friendly.( not like diablo2, but you know what i mean )

3. Dragons can be recruited in tavers, peasants mixed with demoness and undead? Fix it fix it fix it.

4. Spells are hard to find, even in magic academies there are 2-3spells.Its Academie, not a gipsie tavern...

5. "The legend" game's plot, and world was epic, it had massive lands and felt great.Armored princess is in a world of small islands.I like it, but i miss the plot, the story...

6.Personal baby dragon, well you get used to it if it build walls or digs chests full of gold, but nobody can beat the Grim reaper or Zerock.

Devs please respond, at least we will have a small talk.
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